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    Brother of Ramone and friend of Kate Bishop.

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    Very little is known about Johnny.


    Johnny was created by Kelly Thompson and Leonardo Romero. He made his first appearance in Hawkeye #2.

    Major Story Arcs


    Johnny meets and befriends Kate Bishop in an alleyway while she is apprehending several Take Back Control members. He is asked by his sister Ramone to help with her ex-girlfriend's disappearance, and finds that Kate is leading the investigation. Against her orders, he accompanies her to a party that is associated with Take Back Control. When things go wrong, he joins in the fight against the mind-controlled Take Back Control members. After Aggregate leaves the party to chase Kate, Johnny helps to take the mind-controlling stickers off of the partygoers.

    Powers and Abilities

    Johnny has the power of manipulate his density to mimic the properties of any material he touches, being able to turn his arms into stone or metal, for instance, to increase his strength.


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