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    Helena Kosmatos was a WWII heroine who was adopted by Hippolyta Queen of the Amazons and who channels the power of Greek furies.

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    This is the page for the second Fury, Helena Kosmatos, member of the Young All-Stars.

    For the original Earth-Two (Earth-2) Fury, daughter of Wonder Woman see Fury (Hall).

    For the Luthor's Infinity Inc. Fury, see Amazing Woman.


    Helena Kosmatos
    Helena Kosmatos

    Helena Kosmatos was a young Greek whose father was killed in 1940 by Italian fascists who had invaded Greece. The following year Greece was invaded by the Germans. One evening in 1941 in her home in Athens, fifteen year-old Helena angrily accused her brother Michael of collaborating first with the Italians and then with the Germans. When Helena produced evidence in support of her claim, her distraught mother suffered a fatal heart attack. Helena accused Michael of causing their mother's death and he fled.

    Helena went after him but found she was pursued by German soldiers. She ran to the Areopagus ("Hill of Ares") and there stamped her foot in rage while cursing her brother. By doing so, Helena unwittingly called upon the three furies of ancient Greek myth, deities who mercilessly avenged crimes against women, especially against mothers (but who refused to avenge crimes against men).

    An earth tremor caused Helena to fall down a crevice into a cavern where she met the furies. One of them, Tisiphone the blood avenger, asked Helena if she wanted to kill her brother. When Helena said yes and that she would pay any price to avenge her mothers death, Tisiphone touched Helena on the right shoulder with her scythe, endowing her with some of Tisiphone's own powers.

    This enabled Helena to transform into Fury. (It was initially stated that Helena and Fury looked slightly different; for example, Fury was taller as well as more athletic in build. This difference was seldom mentioned after her first few appearances.)


    Fury was created by Roy Thomas, Brian Murray, and Michael Bair.

    Character Evolution

    Modern Age / New Earth

    Fury (New Earth)
    Fury (New Earth)

    Helena Kosmatos was created (via retcon) as consequence of the Crisis of Infinite Earths to explain the existence of the original Fury in the composite earth in the wake of the Crisis. She also replaced the appearances of the Golden Age Wonder Woman until the intervention of the time traveling Hippolyta, but she still served as mother for Hippolyta Trevor. Post Flashpoint, her status is unknown.

    Major Story Arcs

    Young All-Stars

    Helena as Fury
    Helena as Fury

    Helena found herself back on the hill, possessing the armor and super powers of Fury. As Fury, she overcame the Nazi soldiers who had pursued her. Then, she transformed into an incarnation of Tisiphone the Blood Avenger. She found Michael piloting a boat carrying Nazi agents, and she killed him. Back in her normal form, Helena drifted in the Aegean Sea until she was rescued by Johnny Quick. He returned her to America, where she went to live with her uncle and aunt in Miami.

    At first, Helena thought she had dreamed her meeting with the Furies and her transformations. However, she became Fury again in 1942 and helped the All–Star Squadron prevail over the group known as Axis Amerika. Now aware of her powers, Helena joined the Squadron as one of the “Young All-Stars”. At times, Fury would have trouble keeping her avatar form from completely taking over.

    Meeting Hippolyta as Wonder Woman

    Fury would meet a time-traveling Queen Hippolyta, who had traveled back to 1942 as Wonder Woman. Never fully accepting the death of her mother, Helena began to think Hippolyta was her reincarnated. Hippolyta misunderstood Helena’s maternal affection. However, she respected Helena and became somewhat of a mentor for her. When Hippolyta went back to her own time, Fury was devastated.

    The Mystery Years

    Avenging Angel takes flight again
    Avenging Angel takes flight again

    Helena’s post-war years are still clouded in mystery. It was speculated that Helena entered into a “brief and disastrous marriage” to Arn Munro. However, she would have a far more significant relationship with a man whose identity remains unknown to this day. When her lover was ultimately murdered in the 1970s, Helena’s burning need for vengeance drove her on a quest to avenge him.

    Before doing so she dealt with one major complication. Helena had given birth to a daughter named “Lyta”, after her beloved Queen Hippolyta. She sought out Joan Dale Trevor (Miss America), an FBI liaison to the Justice Society and reserve member, who’d been close to her during the 1940s. Helena asked Joan to raise young Lyta in her absence, but with one stipulation, that the child would not be told of her mother’s true identity. Joan and her husband, Derek, formally adopted the young Lyta five years later when Helena failed to return.

    Fury would spend two decades stalking the man who killed her lover. She confronted him, destroyed his life and then killed him. Feeling nothing left but emptiness inside, Helena settled down in an English retirement home.

    Lyta Trevor (Fury II)
    Lyta Trevor (Fury II)

    During this time Lyta Trevor had grown to young adulthood, endowed with incredible super-strength that she assumed she’d inherited from Joan Trevor. Joan and Derek weren’t in a position to contradict her. Lyta would go on to become the second Fury and join Infinity Inc., where she was romantically linked to the Silver Scarab. It wasn’t long after that Lyta had an accidental encounter with the legendary Furies and learned Helena Komatos was her biological mother.

    Bad Times Ahead

    Helena reemerged from obscurity in the nation of New Vladonia with her ex-lover the immortal gigolo named Alcaemon. She had regained her youth by the same ancient scrolls that Alcaemon used to preserve himself. She came to New Valdonia to confront Wonder Woman (Hippolyta’s daughter Diana), who was there to negotiate peace with Alcaemon on behalf of the country. The mentally imbalanced Fury still harbored delusions that Queen Hippolyta was her reincarnated mother and was jealous of Wonder Woman. She attacked Wonder Woman, but Wonder Woman managed to stop her rampage by showing Helena the graves of her parents. A merciful Wonder Woman took Helena to Themyscira in hopes the Amazons could help rehabilitate her.

    Jealous Rivalry
    Jealous Rivalry

    Things did not improve for Helena on Themyscira as she was manipulated by the Amazon Ariadine (the killer of Hippolyta’s sister Antiope, now posing as the sorceress Magala). She was used to help fuel the civil war between the Amazons of Themyscira and the Bana-Mighdall Amazons. When the truth was revealed to Helena by Wonder Woman, she transformed into the avatar of Tisiphone and tore Ariadne’s heart from her chest and handed it to Hippolyta as a gift.

    Helena’s troubled mind suffered two more hits as the first involved the death of Hippolyta by the catastrophic world war against Imperiex. The second blow came when the power of the Furies was stolen from her body by Barbara Minerva, who in turn, hoped to steal back the power of the Cheetah that was taken from her by Sebastian Ballesteros. The battle between Minerva and Ballestros left them both assumed dead and the power of Tisiphone returned once more to Helena.

    Helena was last seen during the great Crisis against Alex Luthor. She accompanied the Amazons of Themyscira as they left Earth for parts unknown. When the Amazons later returned Helena Kosmatos was not seen among them.

    Powers and Abilities


    The Fury and Blood Avenger
    The Fury and Blood Avenger

    Helena and Fury are not quite identical, and Helena magically transforms from an ordinary woman into her superpowered form whenever she wishes. One time, she quick-dried herself from a quick swim by transforming into a dry Fury, then transforming back into Helena now also dry.

    Helena as Fury powers are:

    • Unarmed Combat

    Fury is highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

    • Weapon

    Fury is knowledgeable in various weapons to a greater degree than she is as Helena.

    • Armor

    She wears magical armor that is nearly weightless and protects her from injury, even those parts of her body which do not appear to be covered by the armor.

    • Superhuman Strength

    Fury possesses considerable superhuman strength, which also enables her to leap great distances.

    • Superhuman Speed

    She has superhuman speed, though she is not quite as fast as any of the Flashes.

    Blood Avenger:

    Helena as Blood Avenger powers are:

    • Superhuman Strength

    In her Blood Avenger form, Fury’s strength is increased even more.

    • Invulnerability

    As Blood Avenger is virtually invulnerable in this form.

    • Piercing Claws

    As Blood Avenger, she is able to rend steel with her claws as though it were tissue paper.

    • Winged Flight

    As Blood Avenger, she can use her wings to fly with considerable agility while airborne. However, because her flight comes from her wings, she has been grounded by pinning her wings.

    • Divine Powers

    In Blood Avenger form she could project magical heat beams from her eyes.

    Other Media


    Justice League

    Justice League episode titled
    Justice League episode titled "Fury"

    A character with elements of both versions of Fury (Lyta Hall) & (Helena Kosmatos) appears as a villainess named Aresia (voiced by Julie Bowen) in the Justice League animated series, in an episode titled "Fury", though Aresia herself is never named as such.


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