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    Lyta Trevor was the daughter of the Earth-Two Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor; post-Crisis she became the daughter of Helena Kosmatos (Young All Stars' Fury) and mother of the current Dream, Daniel Hall; post Flashpoint, she again is Earth-2 Wonder Woman's daughter.

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    This is the page for the original Earth-Two and (Earth-2) Fury, daughter of Wonder Woman.

    For the second Fury, Helena Kosmatos, see Fury (Kosmatos).

    For the Luthor's Infinity Inc. Fury, see Amazing Woman.


    Hippolyta Trevor
    Hippolyta Trevor

    The only daughter of the Golden Age Wonder Woman and retired Air Force General Steve Trevor, Hippolyta "Lyta" Trevor was raised amidst a unique mixture of typical American and ancient Amazon cultures. Her summers were spent on Paradise Island with her semi retired mother, learning the skills of an Amazon though her thoughts did not turn to crime fighting until she met the modern day Wonder Woman during her final year in high school.

    After her freshman year at Georgetown University, Lyta insisted she was ready to take her mother's place as a super hero, but Diana was adamant that Lyta had to finish her education first. The fiery tempered young woman was offered a choice between transferring to the university of Southern California or spend the next several years in intensive training on Paradise Island. Lyta opted for USC, where she was reunited with her childhood friend Hector Hall. A romantic relationship developed between them and they were engaged at one stage.

    Still determined to become the next generation of heroes, Lyta and Hector adopted the secret identities of Fury and Silver Scarab respectively and, along with several other offspring of the JSA, they formed Infinity Inc and set out to "prove" themselves to their parents.


    Fury was created Roy Thomas and Ross Andru. Lyta Trevor first appearance is in Wonder Woman #300. Lyta as the Fury make an appearance in the same month with All-Star Squadron #25 and All-Star Squadron Annual #2.

    Character Evolution

    Sliver Age / Earth-Two

    Fury (Earth-Two)
    Fury (Earth-Two)

    Hippolyta "Lyta" Trevor is from Earth-Two, she the daughter of the Golden Age Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor. She become the super-hero called Fury.

    Modern Age / New Earth

    Fury (New Earth)
    Fury (New Earth)

    After Crisis of Infinite Earths, the Golden age Wonder Woman was no longer canon and, as such, Lyta had to be given a new backstory. Her history was revised and she was made into the daughter of Helena Kosmatos who was the World War 2 heroine Fury. Lyta's father has not been revealed. Lyta was raised by Joan Trevor, the Golden Age hero Miss America, and was occasionally visited by Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons for whom Lyta was named.

    Lyta was trained by Hippolyta in the arts of war and eventually went on to join Infinity Inc with some other second generation heroes including Obsidian, Jade and the man who would eventually become her husband Hector Hall, this part of her history is virtually identical to her history in Earth-Two. In this world Lyta became the second Fury.

    Post-52 Weeks / Earth-2

    Fury (Earth 2)
    Fury (Earth 2)

    After the 52 event, the multiverse is restore. A new version of Earth-2 with a history similar of pre-Earth-Two version. In Justice Society of America: Annual #1, Power Girl from New Earth sent to this world by Gog. Power Girl meets Fury, she is a member of Justice Society Infinity a merge of Justice Society of America and Infinity, Inc.

    The New 52 / Earth-2

    Fury (New Earth 2)
    Fury (New Earth 2)

    On Earth-2, Fury makes her debut fighting alongside Steppenwolf as they conquer the kingdom of Dherain. It is revealed that Fury is the daughter of Wonder Woman, and that Steppenwolf took her at an "impressionable age" to begin training her in the warrior ways of Apokolips. Fury is Steppenwolf's second in command.

    After Steppenwolf's death, Fury went into hiding, stowing away among the refugees fleeing Earth-2 before Darkseid consumed it. Crashing onto the world created for them by Telos Fury recreated the Amazons by binding the spirits of her sisters with the people of her ship, having been exposed to lethal amounts of radiation in the crash. First encountered by Hawkgirl as she was striking an alliance with Aquawoman and Atlantis.

    Later Fury joined with the other Wonders of world to combat it's energy problems and the rise of Dr. Impossible. It is during this Fury reveals her real name to be Donna Troy.

    Major Story Arcs

    Modern Age / New Earth:

    Life as Mrs. Hector Hall

    In the dreaming
    In the dreaming

    Lyta eventually was engaged to Hector Hall, her childhood sweetheart. Unfortunately their happiness didn't last as Hector was possessed by one of his fathers enemies and killed. It was also around this time that Lyta realized she was pregnant. After her loss, Lyta left Infinity Inc to have her child. In her dreams, Lyta was repeatedly visited by Hector. In death, Hector had been tricked by the dreams Glob and Brute into believing he was the new Sandman when the the real Sandman, Dream, was imprisoned. Lyta eventually joined Hector in a pocket of the Dreaming known as the Dream Dimension, while there Lyta and Hector married. Due to the nature of the Dreaming, however, their unborn child ceased to grow.

    The real dream king "Morpheus" was eventually freed and punished the errant dreams Brute and Glob and dispatched Hector's soul and returned Lyta to the waking world heavily pregnant. Morpheus told Lyta that her child was his as the baby was incubated in the dreaming. He told her he would return for the infant one day and take him. Lyta claimed she would never allow this to happen.

    Life as a single mother

    Lyta was a devoted mother to a baby boy named Daniel. Lyta was terrified to leave Daniel's side after what Morpheus said to her. In the course of three years, she had only left him one night for a job interview. When she returned, Daniel was gone and Lyta mistakenly believed Morpheus had taken him, it was in fact the Norse god Loki. This extra pain was more than Lyta could bear and she suffered a nervous breakdown. The Furies offered the distraught Lyta vengeance against Morpheus if she agreed to be their instrument of destruction. Lyta agreed and began to destroy the dreaming. Despite her intentions of trying to save her child, in the end her actions led to his "death". The Furies attack on the Dreaming is so severe that Morpheus is left with only one option to stop their onslaught, his own destruction. The death of Morpheus creates a new Dream and that new Dream is Daniel, Lyta's son.

    The Wake

    Lyta meets Daniel again
    Lyta meets Daniel again

    Lyta is one of the many millions of souls called to the funeral of Morpheus. While there she reunites with her son Daniel, the new Dream King. Despite claiming to retain none of his humanity, he puts Lyta under his protection.

    The Furies

    Lyta harnessing the power of the Furies
    Lyta harnessing the power of the Furies

    Despite being under Daniel's protection, Lyta was still full of despair. She was drinking heavily and was prone to violent outbursts and was frequently sleeping with random men is a unsuccessful attempt to block out her pain. One such occasion her "outburst" was so severe she nearly killed one of her one night stands. His screams were so loud that the police were called and Lyta was arrested.

    While she was being interviewed, the detective suggested Lyta get some professional help and randomly came across a leaflet for a Hellenic Theatre group enroute to Greece. Lyta decides to join them and travel to Athens. Lyta is unaware, however, that she is being hunted by the titan Cronus who intends to kill her and take on the role of the spirit of vengeance as he believes her to be the key to the avatar of the Furies. With the help of Hermes, Lyta manages to defeat Cronus. Hermes takes Lyta to the Dreaming believing that her connection to Daniel would save them both from Cronus. Hermes was however mistaken, it was Lyta who defeated Cronus by harnessing the power of the Furies and kills him. This latest encounter with Daniel somehow gave Lyta closure on the loss of Daniel and Hector and she finds the strength to go on with her life.

    Getting her family back


    Sometime after her encounter with Cronus, Lyta was captured by Mordru and imprisoned within Doctor Fate's amulet. Lyta was later freed by the Justice Society including her reincarnated husband Hector Hall. Unfortunately for the unlucky couple, they would both soon suffer yet again. During the Spectre's rampage on the worlds magic users Hector and Lyta were both banished to a freezing mountain. The mountain was later revealed to a part of Hell. With Hector yet again near death, Lyta was visited by Daniel who offered to take her and Hector to the Dreaming for all eternity however they would never be able to return to Earth. Lyta accepted Daniel's offer. Its unknown if Daniel did this as an act of love for his mother and father or if he was just keeping his word when he claimed he would protect Lyta. Lyta and Hector's bodies were later seen in the snow, both dead.

    The New 52 / Earth-2:

    Working for Steppenwolf

    Steppenwolf and Fury
    Steppenwolf and Fury

    After conquering Dherain Steppenwolf, sent Fury after Big Barda and Mr. Miracle (the lost son of Highfather) into Gotham City. Fury engaged Barda and Miracle in a brief scuffle, however, Mr Miracle was able help Barda escape and look for Batman. As Fury and Scott were about to re-engage in their battle, Red Tornado interrupted their fight on the orders of the World Army. It was later found out that in the New 52 version of Fury, her father is in fact "Steppenwolf" and not Steve Trevor.

    The New Earth-2

    She was hidden among the survivors of the last attack of Apokolips on earth who reach new earth-2.

    Character Profile

    No Caption Provided
    • Height: 6'3"
    • Weight: 200 lbs
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Hair: Black
    • Race: Amazon
    • Citizenship: Apokoliptian
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Occupation: Queen of Amazonia
    • Base of Operations: Amazonia
    • Known Relatives: Wonder Woman (Diana of Amazon Island) (mother, deceased), Steppenwolf (father), Rublon (half-brother, deceased)

    Other Versions

    The Superman & Batman Generations / Earth-38

    Stephanie Trevor is daughter of the Wonder Woman and General Steve Trevor, she was born on February in 1953. By 1964, Stephanie had become the new Wonder Girl. By the 1986, Stephanie took over the role of the new Wonder Woman.

    Other Media


    Justice League Unlimited


    An Amazon named Fury appeared in the animated series Justice League Unlimited. However, the character only resembled Lyta is appearance as her background was different (furthermore she was a portrayed as a villain and member of the Injustice League).

    Popular Recognition

    Fury was ranked 32nd in Comic Buyer's Guide's 100 Sexiest Women in Comics list.


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