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    Funny Valentine is the 23rd President of the United States. Funny Valentine's first and foremost characteristic is his deep patriotism. Marked by the gruesome fate of his father, Valentine's goal is that the United States stand over the rest of the world. To do so, he seeks the blessing of the Saint Corpse Parts.

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    Steel Ball Run

    At the age of 7, Funny Valentine heard his father died honorably for serving the country. A strong patriotism grows in Valentine’s heart, making him join the army to serve the country.

    Years passed, Valentine’s troop went across a place named Devil’s Palm one day. Harsh environment almost kills everyone in this troop, except Valentine accidentally finds heart of the Saint’s corpse and survives by using the heart’s energy to heal himself. He even discovers that the heart’s energy makes him a Stand User, gives him a Stand named Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.

    After then, Valentine was elected as the 23th president of America. He realizes the Saint’s corpse contains incredible power. In order to find other parts of the Saint’s corpse, Valentine holds the Steel Ball Run race. This race seems like a long horse riding race goes across the America in surface, but it’s actually Valentine’s scheme to let participants find other parts of the Saint’s corpse for him and then he plans to assassinate them to take over the parts they found. According to Valentine‘s theory, if he collects all parts of the Saint’s corpse, he will gather all good lucks in the world for America, making America the greatest country forever.

    Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

    After touching the heart of the Saint’s corpse, Valentine finds out he becomes a Stand User. Stands are entities generated from people's life energy, each stand has a unique superpower, and people who have abilities to summon stands were called "Stand Users". Valentine’s Stand is named Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, or D4C for short. It appears like a tall and muscular man with blue skin, red eyes, and large rabbit-like ears. Valentine can summon it out whenever he wants, or hide it in his body. As a close-range Stand, D4C cannot stay far from Valentine. It usually floats nearby Valentine in 1-2 meters distance. The power of D4C is to travel across parallel universes.

    Powers of D4C:

    • Travel between worlds : D4C can send Valentine and anything he touches to parallel universes by the move of sandwiched between two objects. He usually fulfills this requirement by using a national flag to cover his body around, or lie down on the ground and put a random object over his body. He can use this power to send objects and people to parallel universes, also ables to bring things from other universes back to the basic world. This power can also be used as teleportation to avoid attacks.
    • Memory Transfer: If Valentine gets hurt by deadly wounds, he can bring another Valentine from a parallel universe and transfer his memory to him, making the version of Valentine he brings the new Valentine of his basic world. Under this power, Valentine is nearly immortal because he has infinite replacements of bodies.
    • Annihilation: In JoJo’s world, objects or people will be annihilation if they stay close to their correspond versions. Because of such effect, Valentine can assassinate other people by bringing a correspond version close to them, or taking a correspond object to create an explosion to attack. Valentine himself doesn’t affect by this feature.

    Love Train

    After collecting all parts of the Saint’s corpse, Valentine was chosen by the corpse and evolved his power as "D4C Love Train". He gains the new power to transfer bad lucks to other people.

    Powers of Love Train:

    • Dimensional Barrier: Love Train gains the power to create a barrier that looks like several light beams. It’s a Dimensional Barrier able to teleport all bad lucks away from Valentine, all attacks point to Valentine will also transfer into bad luck and teleports to random people away from Valentine. Under the protection of this power, Valentine is nearly invincible.

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