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    Funky Flashman is a master con artist who refers to himself as the "Salesman supreme" and the "world's most magnificent entrepreneur." He is a marvel at persuading others through his words and hype. He was created by Jack Kirby as a pastiche of his former partner Stan Lee.

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    Current Events

    The Wizard magically teleported Flashman across the continent to a slum district of Gotham City. There the penniless Flashman vowed revenge on the society.


    Funky Flashman was once a business associate of the late Colonel Mockingbird. After Mockingbird's demise, Flashman continued to live on the colonel's decaying estate, furnished with ever decreasing sums of money by a cash dispensing machine connected to a bust of the Colonel.

    Seeking a new source of income, Flashman offered to manage Mr. Miracle in a tour of his escape artist act. Mr. Miracle realized that Flashman was a charlatan but accepted the offer. Mr. Miracle hoped that through the tour, he and Big Barda could escape the forces of Apokolips, who were hunting them.


    Jack Kirby created the character of Funky Flashman for use in DC Comics. His first appearance is in Mister Miracle Vol. 1 #6, which was released in February, 1972. It hasn't been confirmed, but it is rumored that after his split with Stan Lee, Jack Kirby left Marvel Comics and went to DC, where he modeled the character of Funky Flashman after Stan Lee. He has an assistamt named Houseroy who is supposed to be a representation of the esteemed, Roy Thomas.

    Major Story Arcs

    Flashman stole Mr. Miracle's Mother Box, a so called living computer, and brought it to the estate. Tracking the Mother Box's signals, the Female Furies arrived at the estate and attacked. Flashman fled as the Furies destroyed the estate.

    Sometime later, Flashman turned up at the Sinister Citadel of the Secret Society of Super Villains, offering his services as a public relations man. Flashman and the Wizard struck a deal. Flashman took over as head of the Society on behalf of an anonymous employer who, unknown to the other members, was actually the Wizard. Under Flashman's leadership the Society moved into a new Secret Citadel and offered to sell their services as criminals. On the Wizard's instructions, Flashman had the society members steal four mystical objects of power.

    However, Flashman was deposed as Society leader by Gorilla Grodd. In retaliation, Flashman contacted Captain Comet and informed him of Grodd's plans, therefore hoping to bring about Grodd's defeat. However, Flashman was once again beaten to the leadership of the villains by the Wizard, once he discovered the existence of the mystical objects.

    Powers and Abilities

    Funky Flashman has no innate super-powers, however he is a highly proficient businessman, and very well liked by those who meet him, often able to convince them of what he desires even if they know he might not have the greatest intentions.


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