Character » Funerella appears in 7 issues.

    An inmate of the Enclave and member of the Jailbreakers.

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    Major Story Arcs

    As well as fighting the Freedom Fighters in their own series Funerella also appeared in the 'Phantom Lady and Doll-Man' miniseries which was published later but either set earlier or constituted a different continuity. She appears to be a very sarcastic villain who clearly regards herself very highly and treats other people as if they had little value as the living.

    Cyrus Bender hires Funerella to kill Phantom Lady and Doll Man, and she tries to ambush them on the docks in Metropolis. She is defeated when Phantom Lady uses her black light gloves to cut off Funerella's arm and split her head in two. Funerella falls into the bay but returns when the Metropolis police shows up.

    Funerella somehow escapes police custody and goes back to Cyrus He doubles crosses her and drugs her. He then orders his men to cut her into pieces to get rid of her once and for all.

    Powers and Abilities

    Funerella can summon zombies and transforms living people into zombies for a limited time. If she can be defeated the zombifying will wear off and the afflicted person will return to normal with no memory of what happened to them. Funerella can also reattached severed limbs and heal severe wounds.

    Funerella's touch is lethal, causing objects and living beings to decay.


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