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Fuma was born to parents Kyogo Mono and Saya Mono in Tokyo, Japan. His father was the priest of Togakushi Shrine. He had a sister: Kotori Mono. Fuma had a normal life until the day he met Kamui Shiro in front of the Togakushi Shrine. Kamui tried to protect a dog from the rain. Fuma found them and was touched. He helped Kamui and they become friends. Since the day Toru Shiro introduced Kamui to the Monos, their friendship grew stronger and stronger.

Everything was fine until the day his mother sacrificed herself to give birth to the Sacred Sword. She was dismembered to make sacred sword appear. Fuma and Kotori arrived and saw their mother. Fuma took Kotori over to their mother. He convinced her that her mother died from a disease.



Six years past, Fuma and Kotori Mono became students. They have the affection of everyone. Kotori tells Fuma she dreamt that a smiling fifteen-year-old Kamui had come back to the school. Fuma sees him and goes to meet him. But Kamui doesn’t pay attention to Fuma. When Fuma learns his sister is in the nursery he waits until she wakes up. They return home talking about the return of Kamui.

Fuma goes out in order to buy some stuff for his sister. He encounters Kamui, severely injured. He brings Kumui back to the Shrine to the great surprise of his father and sister. They call the doctor and Kotori decides to watch over Kamui.



A fight between Sorata Arisugawa and Yuto Kigai begins in front of Fuma’s house. Sorata creates a kekkai. The fight is a succession of attacks, jokes and compliments until the arrival of Fuma. Sorata and Yuto are astonished because no one could enter a kekkai except those who are concerned by the “Jour de la Promesse”. Fuma, upset, thinks that Sorata and Yuto are responsible for Kamui’s injuries. They decide to stop their fight and Sorata cancels his kekkai. There is no destruction. The kekkai was perfect. Yuto left to go to the Yamanote Line whereas Sorata tries to introduce himself to Fuma as a friend of Kamui. He also tries to explain everything about the end of the world.

Kamui wakes up under the watchful sight of Kotori who just felt an earthquake. At the same moment, Fuma and Sorata arrive. Kotori is confused and Sorata doesn’t help her. During the dinner, Sorata asks to talk to Kamui in private. Fuma and Kotori accept and leave them alone.

At the same moment, a storm begins above the Togakushi Shrine. Kyogo is here and remembers that the Sacred Sword is responsible for the death of his wife. Nearby, Fuma and Kotori have a conversation about Kamui. Kotori is wondering why Kamui left Tokyo six years ago. Fuma remembers the discovery of his mother’s corpse and how he tried to convince his sister that their mother died through illness.

Kyogo, during this time, feels the presense of an intruder inside his Shrine. A fight begins between the young intruder and Kyogo. Even though Kyogo fights with the Sacred Sword, the ribbon of the intruder is superior. Kamui and Fuma receive a call from the Sacred Sword and rush to the Shrine. But it was too late, the intruder fatally injures Kyogo. He takes the sword, introduces himself as Nataku, one of the Seven Angels and runs away. Fuma rushes to his father side. It is too late, Kyogo tries to reveal the secret about the link between his son and Kamui, but he dies before ha can reveal the information.



On the day of Kyogo’s funeral, Fuma remembers the events that occured before and after the death of his father: the attempt to reveal a secret about the link between Fuma and Kamui, the wish to bring back the sacred sword and the announcement to Kotori of their father’s death.

Fuma dreams of and meets Kanoe inside the dream. She requires him to help the Earth. She shows him his happy childhood, the death of his mother with a Kamui leeching Saya’s head, his father’s death and finally Kamui killing Kotori. Kanoe explains that the death of his sister is a possible future if he doesn’t kill Kamui. Fuma wakes up, troubled.

Fuma is still disoriented about the dream he had when Kotori arrives and starts worrying about her brother’s health. They are alone now and Kotori wants to be strong from now on to help her brother. She feels she wasn’t there for him at the time of the death of their parents. Fuma tries to comfort his sister saying she was the source of his courage.



Days pass, Kotori goes to her periodical medical exam whereas Fuma is still wondering about his conversation with Kanoe. She falls on Kamui. Kamui still questions himself about his destiny. He could save neither the person he loves nor a distant person. He now understands that keeping people distant from himself doesn't help to protect them. At this moment, Kotori and Kamui experience an illusion. An attack is launched against them. Kamui answers with difficulty. Indeed he must protect Kotori. A man then enters, it is the sakurazukamori, Seichiro Sakurazuka. A fight begins between Seichiro and Kamui. Seichiro tries to take advantage by targeting Kotori. In order to save Kotori, Kamui cannot protect himself. Seichiro tries to finish Kamui; but he is stopped by the entrance of Fuma who then reverses the attack. Seichiro then decides it wise to make himself scarce.

Kamui wakes up whereas Kotori continues to sleep. Kamui’s wish to protect Kotori changes the intentions and opinion of Fuma towards him. Fuma tries to reveal the secret of the link between him and Kamui; but then Kotori wakes up. Fuma resunes his usual behaviour. Fuma and Kotori explain the recent sudden events to Kamui. Kamui recalls the last events and is wondering if he can protect Fuma and Kotori now that they are involved. Fuma reminds Kamui that he promised to protect him.



Fuma has another crisis. He reveals to Kamui that they have twin destinies. Then he becomes normal. Kamui doesn’t have the time to think about this because a massively injured Tokiko Magami arrives. She explains it is too late. It is her destiny to give birth to the second Sacred Sword in the Togakushi Shrine. She is dismembered and the second Sacred Sword appears.

Kotori arrives and sees Tokiko’s corpse. The memory of her mother’s true death comes back to her. Kotori cannot endure this and confuses Tokiko with her mother. Kamui tries to protect her by yelling at her to look at him. Kotori then appears to go into a trance. She starts to approach Tokiko’s corpse. Kamui tries to stop her but Fuma blocks him. He is also in a trance. Fuma then tells Kamui that there are two swords and two Kamui's.

Fuma tells Kamui he must choose his destiny, and in so doing choose the destiny of the Earth. Fuma uses his telekinetic powers on Kamui. Fuma then becomes normal and Kotori wakes up. She tells them what she saw in her vision. An earthquake destroys a new kekkai. Every dragon and ally feels it.

The Other Kamui


Three men arrive at the Togakushi Shrine. They introduce themselves as Nokoru Imonoyama, Akira Iyuin and Suo Takamura from Clamp School. Tokiko called them to take the Sacred Sword and protect her at the heart of five-branch star until the “jour de la promesse”.

Kotori, Fuma and Kamui arrive at Clamp School. The Sacred Sword stolen by Nataku calls to the other Sacred Sword. Kotori has another vision with Kakyo Kuzuki who explains the Sacred Sword lament. Kamui feels that too. He doesn’t understand why there are two Sacred Swords. Nokoru shows him a video of Tokiko. She explains that Kamui must follow his heart before deciding to become a dragon. If he wants to protect people he loves then he must become a Dragons of Heaven. And if he wants to protect the Earth then he must become a Dragons of Earth.

Kamui thinks a lot about his aunt’s words. It is when he sees Kotori and Fuma that he decides to protect them instead of the Earth. This declaration transforms Fuma’s behaviour. Fuma attacks Kamui with telekinetic powers and tells Kamui that if Kamui is a dragon of Heaven, then he will be a dragon of Earth. Fuma catches his sister, fixes her on a cross and kills her with the Sacred Sword in front of Kamui’s eyes.

After killing his sister, Fuma wants to kill Kamui. Fuma tries to retire the Sacred Sword. But Kakyo takes possession of Kotori’s corpse and stops him. Kotori doesn’t want her brother to kill Kamui. Arashi Kishu, Sorata, Yuzuriha Nekoi, Inuki, Subaru Sumeragi, Seiichiro Aoki and Daisuke Saiki arrive and see this awful scene. Fuma dismembers his sister and runs away without the Sacred Sword.

The Seven Angels


Fuma breaks into a chamber at the Four Season Hotel. It is the chamber of Kakyo who brings Fuma in a dream. Kakyo shows Fuma the message that Kotori left but Fuma doesn’t care. For him, there is only one future and it is preordained. Upset, Kamui destroys the dream, catches Kakyo and leaves.

Fuma asks Kakyo what is it that he wishes. Kakyo responds by saying he wants to die. Fuma tells him he will get his wish with the “jour de la promesse”. Fuma brings Kakyo to the City Hall of Tokyo. Beast detects the arrival of Fuma and Kakyo. Beast confirms it is Kamui. Kanoe welcomes Fuma as Kamui. Fuma introduces himself and Kakyo to others. Satsuki Yatoji says that the last three angels came there with the Sacred Sword.

Subaru Sumeragi


All the data about Nataku is downloaded by Beast. Fuma observes Kakyo’s visions when Nataku enters and explains the situation. Fuma explains that the seven angels are free to do whatever they want. Now he can survive without the help of Tojyo Firm. Nataku replies he wants to stay with Fuma because he reminds him of his father.

Fuma decides to help concerning the destruction of kekkai. He goes to join Nataku in attacking the Sunshine 60. His grand-father confirms that Nataku has no soul. Fuma joins them and asks Nataku to achieve Tomoharu Tojyo. Nataku is ready to do it but then Fuma stops him when he feels the presence of Kamui. On the roof, Kamui finds Fuma. Fuma tells him he must create a kekkai if he wants to protect people. Kamui goes to attack Fuma, but Fuma shows him Tomoharu Tojyo. Fuma attacks Kamui knowing he will protect the old man. Fuma is ready to finish off Kumui him when Sorata arrives and creates a kekkai.

Subaru creates a kekkai. To destroy the building, the kekkai must disappear. One way to destroy a kekkai is to kill the kekkai’s creator. So Nataku attacks Subaru, but Subaru is too strong. Realizing that Subaru is too strong for Nataku to win, Fuma decides to join the battle and finish it. He fixes Kamui in the building. Then he attacks Subara. The onmyoji dodges every attack. Moreover, he succeeds to shut Fuma up. But for Subaru, Fuma looks like Seichiro which perturbs him. Fuma takes advantage of the situation. He breaks the barrier launched by Subaru and injures him severely. Kamui doesn’t approve of this situation and so liberates himself and attacks Fuma. Fuma dodges the attackand while doing that had the time to put out Subaru’s eye. The kekkai disappears and the Sunshine 60 collapses.

Fuma meets Seichiro. He remarkes that the sakurazukamori was present at Ikebukuro. Seichiro understands that Fuma doesn’t care about his dragons. Fuma reveals that Subaru wanted to lose his right eye in order to look like him. Subaru's real wish can only be granted by Seichiro, but Seichiro thinks otherwise.



Kamui is tired of feeling useless. He feels he cannot adequately protect Subaru. Kamui wants to know how to create a kekkai. Fuma is happy about this because a new power for the Kamui of Heaven means a new power for the Kamui of Earth.

Yuzuriha visits Subaru, but she must leave because she has a rendezvous elsewhere. As she's leaving she runs into Fuma. She finds in him a lovely person who looks like Kusanagi Shiyu. Inuki disagrees with her and growls. Kusanagi arrives and apologizes for being late. She was also late, so it is not important. Yuzuriha explains that she met a man who looks like him. Kusanagi replies he knows someone who looks like everyone in order to play the role the other decides.

Daisuke Saiki


Kamui and Daisuke go to visit Tomoharu Tojyo when a kekkai is attacked. Kamui decides to go. During this time, Daisuke comes across Fuma. Fuma attackes Daisuke. Hinoto tried to protect Daisuke. Fuma decides to eliminate them both. Daisuke sacrifices himself in order to protect his mistress.

Kamui arrives, but it is too late. He decides to join Daisuke; but when he arrives he finds a decapitated Daisuke. Fuma is there and tells him it is his wish. Kamui, upset, attacks Fuma. Arashi and Sorata decide to join them. Kamui runs Fuma through his shoulder. Fuma shows him he must run him through his heart. He says he had his chance, but now it is too late. Fuma attacks Kamui and wants to finish him. At this moment Sorata and Arashi make their appearance. Sorata tries to create a kekkai. But it is too late; Shinjuku’s buildings are destroying by Beast.



Fuma joins Kakyo in his dream. Fuma tells him that the future must not change if Kakyo wants his wish realized. Fuma returns to reality and goes to Ebisu. He meets a little girl and begins to talk with her. He insists that she leaves this place as soon as possible. He knows she doesn't wish to die. Thinking it is rare to find someone who has this wish; Fuma destroys the Ebisu’s kekkai. Kanoe is worried about the angels’ behaviours and has a bad feeling about Fuma.

Kanoe tries to enter into her sister’s dream; but she cannot do so anymore. She is confused; because the only thing she wants is to prove that Hinoto is wrong. Then she could give up her duty to be a yumemi. The fact Kanoe cannot see into her sister’s dream is because the dark side of Hinoto has taken over. She visits Kakyo in his dream and reveals to him that he was right about her and also that Hinoto was wrong. She will not be killed by Kamui and the Seven Seals will die. The entire thing is seen by Fuma.

Yuzuriha meets Fuma once again. She understands very quickly that he is one of the dragons of Earth when he attacks a kekkai. She decides to protect people by the creation of a kekkai. Fuma is curious and wants to test Yuzuriha. He attacks but lets Yuzuriha dodge it. He sees in her mind that she wants to live. He tells her she must live if she wants to protect people. He wants to sees if her wish is sincere and tries to kill her. Right at this moment, a huge telekinetic attack saves Yuzuriha. It is Kamui who launched it. Kamui gains the advantage on Fuma; but he changes his mind about wanting to kill Fuma. Fuma then tries to kill Kamui. Yuzuriha, upset to see people dying wants to be stronger. Her wish is so sincere that an inugami is born to help her. Fuma is amused to see that and decides to run away.

Dearest Wishes


Even though it's not a proper moment to joke, Sorata continues to tease Arashi. Nokoru turns the conversation into a serious tone. He explains that it is impossible to know the next target; because if they go to a kekkai, Fuma will learn by the intermediary of his Yumemi and will attack another one. Sorata decides to separate into three groups of two: Arashi / Yuzuriha, Sorata / Kamui, Karen Kasumi / Seiichiro. Kakyo learns Sorata's plan through his dream and tells Fuma that the dragons of Heaven will go at Inokashira and Ginza.

Kamui is contemplating about himself. Indeed every seal knows how to create a kekkai because they have something to protect. But him, even if he wants to protect Fuma cannot seem to create a kekkai. This is seen by Fuma with the help of Kakyo. Fuma knows the solution. If Kamui cannot create kekkai it is because his dearest wish isn’t to protect Fuma. He consoles Kakyo telling him he will die soon; but before that they must welcome a new angel.

Fuma joins Subaru at Seichiro’s home. Fuma apologises that Subaru’s wish wasn’t realised. But he proposes to have Seichiro realize his. Fuma tells Subaru that the sakurazukamori was displeased to see Subaru wounded by a person other than him. So he wished to erase this wound. Fuma offers Subaru Seichiro’s left eye. Fuma understands Seichiro’s wish because he will do the same for Kamui. Fuma also advises Subaru that if he accepts Seichiro’s gift, he will become the new sakurazukamori.

Like a Father


Karen and Seiichiro arrive at Ginza. A feeling of danger surrounds the place. Karen creates a kekkai and asks Seiichiro to do the same. She wants to be sure that the place won’t be destroyed. It is at this moment that Nataku attacks Ginza. When he sees that Karen is his opponent, Nataku is saddened. But his duty is to destroy the kekkai, so he attacks them. They dodge each attack and are wondering why Nataku keeps launching the same attack. Nataku begs Karen to leave the place. For Karen, this request is proof that Nataku has feelings for her. He explains to her that he is a clone and has always heard he has no soul and no feelings. Karen understands because she lived through the same thing with her mother. Seiichiro tries to intervene, but he is stopped by Karen. She asks Nataku if he knows what the seven angels were doing. He reveals that he had some information by Tomoharu Tojyo. He said a yumemi told him that his grand-daughter would die twice and would be concerned by the “jour de la promesse”. That was why he asked Nataku to steal the Sacred Sword in order to be sure he would not die. Karen is happy to learn that there is a person who loves him. She asks him why he joined the dragon of Earth. He explains he wants to be with Fuma. It is another bit of proof that Nataku has feelings because he loves Fuma. It is at this moment that Fuma makes his entrance. For Karen, he looks like Seiichiro, a very dear person to her. Fuma sees that Nataku has another wish. That is why he wants to check which one is the more important. He attacks Karen, but Nataku saves her. Fuma asks Nataku to leave, but Karen tells him to follow his heart. Nakatu makes his decision, so Fuma launches a massive attack. Seiichiro dodges it, but it is the intervention of Nataku which causes Karen not to be injured. Fuma stares at them. Karen asks Nataku to let her attack Fuma, but he doesn’t want her to. He knows that Karen has no chance against Fuma. He stays to protect Karen and Fuma kills him. Nataku has just enough time to say that the yumemi Tomoharu Tojyo saw was Hinoto. Karen argues with Fuma to explain this. Fuma explains that was the dearest wish of Nataku: to die for his dearest person by the person he loves. Nataku assimilates Karen as his mother and Fuma as his father. Karen doesn’t understand why he killed Nataku if he knew that. Fuma thinks everyone must have their wish realised. Some people like Karen wish to die for someone, others have a different wish. For Karen, it is intolerable to kill someone. For Fuma it is necessary if they want to take care of their dearest thing. Karen becomes completely mad and attacks Fuma. But he is too strong. Fuma decides to leave in order to respect Nataku’s wish. Moreover he lets Nataku’s corpse be taken by Karen because he knows she will take care of him.

Jour de la Promesse


Fuma joins Subaru, the new sakurazukamori. He is amused to see that Subaru doesn’t assimilate Fuma to Seichiro anymore. For Subaru, Seichiro doesn’t exist anymore. Fuma tells him Seichiro still lives in his right eye. This implies that Subaru must live if he wants that part of Seichiro to still live. Subaru asks Fuma his dearest wish. Fuma responds by saying that only Kamui could grant him his wish.

Other kekkai are destroyed. Kamui doesn’t understand why he couldn’t change the future as his mother said. He receives the call of the Sacred Sword. He goes to unseal it. Kakyo tells him if he unseals the Sacred Sword, tragedies will come about. Kamui doesn’t listen to him and unseals it. The “jour de la promesse” could begin. Fuma feels it and decides to fight the dragons of Heaven.

Suddenly, Kamui receives a vision from Hinoto which shows Fuma killing Kanoe. Kamui questions Fuma about this. Fuma doesn’t want to answer. For him, no matter what he says Kamui always thinks the same thing. Fuma launches the battle with their angels. The fight is rough. Kamui doesn’t understand Fuma. Fuma responds he doesn’t even know his dearest wish. Fuma continues his attack and takes the advantage. Kamui doesn’t want to believe he has another wish that brings back Fuma. Subaru confirms what Fuma said. He begs Kamui to find his dearest wish. Kamui remembers what Karen said at Nataku’s grave. Kamui understands what Fuma wants, but Fuma is ready to kill him.

Powers and Abilities


High Jump

Like every dragon, Fuma could jump the height of a building.


Fuma either can create a sphere around him and project it or he can launch a ball of energy.


Even if Fuma is injured badly, he can regenerate easily.


Fuma can look like the dearest person of anyone.

Dearest Wish

Fuma can read the dearest wish of anyone.


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