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    Fukai is a ninja of the Hidden Cloud Village, and a former Jinchūriki of the Eight-Tailed Ox.

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    Fukai (フカイ, Fukai) is a supporting character of the Naruto series that was created by Masashi Kishimoto, It first began serialization in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump in November 1999. He was later introduced during the Confining the Jinchūriki Arc that began in Volume 52.

    He first appeared in Naruto Volume 52, CH. 494 "Killer Bee and Motoi ".

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    Naruto Shippuden (2007)

    The Naruto Shippuden anime series is the second direct adaptation of Masashi Kishimoto's original manga. This series It's produced by Studio Pierrot and first began airing in February 15, 2007. Fukai's first anime appearance was in Naruto Shippuden - Episode 244 "Killer Bee and Motoi ", which aired on January 12, 2012. His character in the Japanese series is voiced by ??, and the U.S. dub produced by VIZ Media has yet to announce a voice actress.

    The anime adaptation has had scenes that try to explain how the Eight-Tails went berserk while it was sealed in Fukai. This implies that Orochimaru had infiltrated the village to slip Fukai a genjutsu pill then released the Eight-Tails himself. These scenes never appeared in the manga.


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