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    Fujitora is the blind Admiral of the Navy. He possesses a gravity based Devil Fruit and he represents blind justice. His real name is Issho.

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    Issho (イッショウ, Isshō), also known by his alias Fujitora, is Marine admiral who was conscripted into the Marines by the World Government during the two-year timeskip.


    Fujitora (藤虎, Fujitora) is a supporting character in the One Piece series that was created by Eiichiro Oda. The series first began serialization in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump on August 4, 1997. He would later appear in the Dressrosa Arc that began in Volume ??.

    His first appearance was in One Piece Volume ?? CH. 701 "Adventure in the Land of Love, Passion and Toys".

    Character Evolution

    Major Story Arcs

    Dressrosa Saga - Dressrosa arc

    Admiral Fujitora was sent to Dressrosa on the ordered of Fleet Admiral Sakazuki to investigate the actions of Don Quixote Doflamingo after he resigned form the Seven Warlords. He was being taken advantage of by some of Doflamingo's lower-ranking men while playing roulette, but a young man stepped in to reveal their cheating. After crushing these scoundrels with his powers, the young man asked who he was. Fujitora told him it was for the best neither of them knew the others' name. He then went on to Corrida Colosseum upon hearing Doflamingo was giving away the Flame-Flame Devil Fruit as a prize in a tournament. After hearing the names of pirates and other criminals in attendance, he ordered for three Navy ships be deployed.

    Powers & Abilities

    Devil Fruit

    Fujitora lifting the rubble in Dressrosa
    Fujitora lifting the rubble in Dressrosa

    Fujitora possesses the Zushi Zushi no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit which allows him to manipulate the forces of gravity by either decreasing the gravity in a localized or wide area to levitate objects in a telekinetic like manner, increase gravity in order to pin targets, crush them or make gigantic craters, send out powerful waves of horizontal gravity to obliterate targets or send them flying and perhaps most impressive of all, his ability allows him to pull down meteors from space. He focuses his power through his sword, often performing certain gestures for different attacks, he has pinned people to the ground simply by unsheathing his sword. Whether Fujitora can use his gravity powers without his sword is currently unknown.

    Fujitora's most impressive feat to date was when he levitated the country wide rubble in Dressrosa will little effort, he was even seen dropping his sword and the rubble remained in the sky. The sheer amount of rubble levitated was so vast that the citizens of Dressrosa thought a new island had appeared.

    Fujitora sending thugs into his crater
    Fujitora sending thugs into his crater

    Fujitora was first seen using his Devil Fruit on some of Doflamingo's thugs after they tried to trick him when he was gambling, he unsheathed his sword, pressed them against the ground and they were sent down into a massive crater, he has also done the same to Roronoa Zoro, however the latter managed to power out of the gravity pressing down on him, though it should be noted Fujitora wasn't exerting much effort.

    Fujitora can send out powerful waves of horizontal gravity that crush or obliterate anything in its path. He calls this his 'Ferocious Tiger' attack and it has been used twice on Sabo and Luffy. When used on Sabo, the attack crushed the buildings in a town, however when used on the Luffy, the wave of gravity completely destroyed two of the mountain sized cliffs surrounding Dressrosa.

    In order to pull meteors from space, Fujitora unsheathes his sword and makes an upward swinging motion which sends out an attractive gravity force into space. The meteors he has called down were powerful enough to make an island shake and destroy multiple city blocks despite losing an enormous amount of power from getting sliced by Doflamingo's bird cage.

    Fujitora pulling down a meteor
    Fujitora pulling down a meteor

    The blind Admiral can also pseudo fly by pulling the spot of ground he's standing on into the air. Whilst in the air he has levitated debris such as large boulders and trees and used them as projectiles against Trafalgar Law. Issho has shown the ability to use repulsive forces of gravity in a defensive manner, to protect himself from his own meteor, he sent out a repulsive force upwards which the meteor pressed down against for a small amount of time before crumbling away.

    Physical Abilities

    Strength: Based on his strength feats, Fujitora is quite easily class 100

    • Strong enough to easily block and parry sword strikes from Zoro despite the Pirate Hunter visibly straining, it should be noted that Fujitora has been the only person Zoro has struggled against since the time skip and Zoro's normal strikes obliterate city blocks.
    • Easily blocking a kick from Doflamingo who has sliced three towers in half from the air pressure of his kick alone.
    • Helping to staunch the country terraforming bird cage with his monstrous strength.
    • Fought Luffy in close quarters without fully exerting himself.
    • Easily matched Sabo blow for blow.

    Speed: Based on his speed feats, Fujitora can move, react, fight and process information at massively hypersonic speeds, having been shown above a tier of people who can easily dodge lasers with their eyes closed and call them slow in base form and dodging Mach 40 water bullets again in base form. It is safe to assume that his reaction speed is multiple times faster than Mach 40 and his combat speed exceeds Mach 50.

    • Casually intercepts a blitz from Zoro to Doflamingo from meters away.
    • Easily reacts to and blocks many sword strikes from Zoro.
    • Easily reacts to a kick from Doflamingo.
    • Effortlessly manages to keep up with Sabo aggressive attack speed with his metal pipe.
    • Has no issues keeping up with Gear 2 Luffy even while holding back.
    • Reacts to a meteor point blank.
    • Catches a string from Doflamingo's Parasite technique without looking.

    Durability: Fujitora is extremely durable and has not only tanked attacks that would kill a superhuman many times over but has shown no discomfort at all from being in the center of a blaze that would turn people into ashes.

    • Easily withstood the heat of Sabo's flames despite being in the center of a massive multi town level fire blast.
    • No sold Luffy's Gear 2 + 3 Elephant Gun.


    Issho is immensely skilled in both armed and unarmed combat. He wields a cane sword in combat which he uses in a reverse-grip style. Despite his blindess, Fujitora is an extremely powerful and skilled swordsman, able to easily match Zoro, block high-speed attacks, and defend against Luffy's Haki-coated Elephant Gun attack.

    • Easily fought Zoro sword to sword without any visible strain despite Zoro obvious effort and the Pirate Hunter being trained by the World's Greatest swordsman for two years.
    • Stalemated Sabo despite holding back, this young man has been trained by the most wanted man in the world, Luffy's father- Monkey D. Dragon.
    • Matched Luffy in close-quarters with his sword while holding back.


    It has been stated that all Marines from the rank Vice Admiral and above are able to use in Haki.

    Busoshoku Haki: Fujitora has an extremely high level of skill in Busoshoku Haki. He coated his cane sword in Haki, exponentially increasing its durability and cutting power in order to staunch Doflamingo's Birdcage:

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    Kenbunshoku Haki: Fujitora is blind and so he exclusively relies on his Kenbunshoku Haki constantly to perceive the world around him. His precognitive skills have been so good he's been able to sense weather changes on other islands. He has predicted attacks from literally everybody he's fought including Doflamingo's thugs, Doflamingo himself, Luffy, Zoro, Sabo and Law. Issho constantly sees the world in a Haki state and sees the auras or people, animals and creatures.


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