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Fujioka High School Girls' Lacrosse Team (藤丘高校ラクロス部, Fujioka Koko Rakurosu Bu) is the protagonist team from the Cross Manage series that was created by KAITO. The series first began serialization in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump in September 17, 2012. The appearance was in Cross Manage Volume 1 CH. 1 "Searching and the Lacrosse Girl",

Team Members

Coaching Staff

Tsunenori Sakurai

Tsunenori Sakurai is the coach/manager of the Fujioka Lacrosse Team. He originally knew nothing about lacrosse before he was coerced into joining. What Sakurai did have as a knack for teaching.

Mr Sugita

Mr Sugita is the teacher advisor to the Fujioka Lacrosse Team. He has a mainly hands off relationship with the team, but handles his main duties. He also rarely ever comes to games.


Misora Toyoguchi (Captain)

Misora Toyoguchi is the student who started the Fujioka Lacross team. She first played it as a child and loved it despite not being very skilled. She attracted several other classmates into the club. They elected her as captain, and she had to convince the team to accept Sakurai as their team manager.

Yurika Kato

Yurika Kato isn't your normal sports person. She's a glasses wearing book geek, but she loves being a part of the team and the friends she made. She nearly quit the team at one point but stayed as a valuable member of the team who's good at reading movements.

Ichino Noto

Ichino Noto is similar to Yurika who has never been one for athletics, and she's already a timid girl who struggles with being watched. Though, she loved being part of the team and the friends she made. She also nearly left the team. What Ichino discovered is that she's excellent at passing the ball into a specific location if told the quadrant.


Nachi Saiga

Nachi Saiga is the only one of the few founding members of the Fujioka team that had any real athletic ability before joining. She's stronger than any of the other girls, and she has incredible endurance.

Unari Yuki

Unari Yuki is one of the energetic Yuki Twins. Sakurai placed her and her sister Sanari in the mid-field due to their high levels of energy to move around the field.

Sanari Yuki

Sanari Yuki is one of the energetic Yuki Twins. Sakurai placed her and her sister Unari in the mid-field due to their high levels of energy to move around the field.

Aya Sawashiro

Aya Sawashiro is another of the founding members of the team. She's an above average student who's more often playful and teasing with the rest of the team.

Junko Mizuhashi

Junko Mizuhashi is one of the founding members. She's a level headed young woman who has a good eye for the big picture. She excels at making rational decisions quickly. For that reason, Sakurai gave her command over the team's defense.


Rurie Tanaka

Rurie Tanaka is one of the founding members. She's a large girl who who's skilled at reading people and she's impressively agile.


Kujidera is a tall girl who may not be too swift, but her size will often intimidate and slow down lesser players. She's also a quiet girl that almost never speaks.


Nozawa is a rookie to the team and sports in general, but she's just as dedicated to the team and works hard all the time.

Shinobu Komatsu

Shinobu Komatsu is one of the original founding members. She joined the team out of a desire to finally follow through on something she started, and she thought the goalie's gear looked cool. What she found is that she has a good instinct for guarding the goal.


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