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    The God of wind and one of the few Earthrealm gods. Formerly, he was temporarily assigned by Raiden himself as his substitute as protector of Earthrealm.

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    Fujin first appears as an opponent of Sub-Zero's, in the temple of Shinnok's Amulet. He appeared here as one of the four guardians assigned by Raiden

    Fujin Alternate Costume
    Fujin Alternate Costume


    Taking on the form of a mortal man, Fujin appears as a fair-skinned man with slicked back white hair tied into a ponytail and eyes similar to Raiden. He wore a black vest and green pants with boots. In his debut, Fujin wore a red cape, but was discarded afterwords. Following his return in Armageddon, he wears a more detailed version of his original clothing with shoulder guards added. His hair is no longer slicked back with bangs framing his face and his hair longer, extended into a long braid with three hairpieces.

    Fujins MK Armageddon Biography

    When Raiden was accepted into the pantheon of Elder Gods, Fujin replaced him as protector of Earthrealm. Fujin's wisdom is matched only by his ferocity in battle.

    It is unclear to me what has caused the transformation in our friend and ally Raiden. I have conversed with gods from other realms about the possible reasons for his madness. Rumors abound that he may have sacrificed himself to defeat Onaga. But if that were true, his energies would have dispersed and then reformed in Earthrealm. His spirit would have been reborn, having no memories of the past. He would have become a new god of thunder, neither good nor evil. Yet this new Raiden is dark, acting with a clear goal to defend the realm, but with the ruthlessness of Shao Kahn. What is more troubling is the enforcer he commands. Liu Kang's corpse has been reanimated and is selectively slaying many for

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    reasons unknown. Kung Lao and I have joined forces to confront our former allies. If a way cannot be found to save Raiden and Liu Kang, I fear we will have no choice but to finish them. I first reunited with Kung Lao. He informed me of a gathering called together by Johnny Cage. At the meeting, Johnny Cage described his encounter with Shinnok, the fallen Elder God thought to have been defeated years ago. I doubted his story. It seems unlikely that Johnny Cage would have psychic powers, and even less likely that he could have defeated Shinnok single-handed. But others present brought forth further evidence that something epic was taking shape. Most interesting was Kenshi's mention of the brothers Taven and Daegon. I knew them well ages ago. When they went missing, I questioned Argus. He would not speak of their whereabouts, but stated that they would bring about a new world. At the time I did not understand what he meant. But now it is becoming clear to me that whatever Argus planned is being corrupted by evil. As the others embark on this journey to defeat Blaze, I must intercept Taven and Daegon to hinder their progress and determine the true purpose of the quest. I only hope I am not too late.

    Powers and Abilities

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    Fujin is in complete control of all things related to wind. He can levitate by manipulating the wind around him, allowing him to strike the opponent from a safe distance. He can also send miniature tornados at his opponents that spin them around several times and leave them vulnerable to follow-up attacks. Addtionally, he can levitate the opponent and slam them down on the ground and transform himself into a tornado to heave them towards him. Considering that many of these moves can potentially leave the foe open for a free hit, Fujin has proven to be a supremely powerful fighter on par with that of fellow god Raiden. Fujin is also an immortal God much like Raiden, he can't die as was proven in Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero where he literally created a tornado so large he made himself explode and then returned shortly after that as seen in MK4.

    Signature Moves

    • Rising Knee: Fujin would fly and hit his opponent with his knee. This move seems to be borrowed from Shao Kahn.
    • Gusting Cyclone: Fujin spins like a tornado which sucks the opponent in and throws them to the other side.
    • Air Funnel: Fujin uses a gust of wind to lift his opponent and slam them down.
    • Wind Kick: While airborne, Fujin comes down and kicks the opponent.
    • Tornado Wind: Fujin launches a small tornado at the opponent, causing them to spin around wildly and setting them up for an additional combo.


    • Crossbow Kill: After levitating the opponent, Fujin shoots his crossbow at them, causing them to explode. (MK4, MKG)
    • Skinner: Fujin concentrates a huge blast of wind at the opponent that rips their skin clean off. (MK4, MKG)

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