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    A former champion sumo wrestler mutated by cosmic energies from a passing comet. Fuji is made of pure energy and has to be kept with in a containment suit to keep himself together.

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    Wildstorm Universe

     Toshiro In His Containment Suit
    Toshiro In His Containment Suit

    Toshiro Misawa was nicknamed Fuji due to his Japanese heritage and his uniquely large size. Early in his life he attempted to become a sumo wrestler, but due the emergence of his powers and the side effects he quit his career. His body started to wither away and despite his father’s vast wealth he would have died if not for Stormwatch. Lucky for him, his powers had not fully awakened yet and before they did, the Stormwatch scientists were able to design and build a containment suit that would keep his form together. He soon became a field member after the presumed deaths of many former members. His situation is very tough on him emotionally, but he usually shows a very pleasing face and he often brags about how wonderful his containment suit looks.

    He once suffered emotional trauma at the hands of Tao who was able to trap him in a mental loop and it was some time before he was freed. Another blown to his psyche came when a psychopath using genetically engineered soldiers was intent on causing massive deaths in Japan. In the end he was killed by his own soldiers. Saldy Fuji was one of the many members of Stormwatch who died when the Xenomorphs attacked. However after The Doctor resurrected Winter Fuji was one of many of his team members that was brought back to life along with him.

    Worlds End

    After the number of the beast protocol went into effect and the world exploded at the touch of a metapocalypse caused by a cadre of suspended SPB's squaring off against a superhuman onslaught called Reapers. Fuji and whats left of the Stormwatch team were stuck putting a best effort in saving whats left of humanity after Armageddon hit, while on mission with his allies to reconnoiter with the downed Carrier of The Authority. After having found one of Jackson King's spies among their teams refugees.

    Not long after a contingent of marauders led by former Changers member; The Eidolon. Began a full scale assault on the bunker and it's prevalent super team. During the encounter, Fuji suffered a fatal injury against the latter which left him on the verge of death.

    In a desperate attempt to save his life The Engineer gave him an infusion of her defunct nanites, which were left mostly inert due to the massive electromagnetic disturbance touching from point to point all over the globe knocking out most to all forms of technology. The nanotech bequeathed to him caused his plasma form to undergo a transformation, he would enter into a hibernation like state as he underwent fundamental changes.

    Encasing himself in a liquid metallic cocoon comprised of the same sub-microtechnology now coursing in his system up until survivors turned Kheran convert terrorists bombed skywatch. With the threat presented by Knights of Khera, Fuji awakened from his healing coma with powers akin to Angela Spica's; just as Jackson planned.

    In the last few moments when the Skywatch Satellite plummeted from it's orbit. Toshiro managed bond his new nanomlocular substance to the whole of the space station repairing and repositioning it back into it's proper gravitational space. Saving the crew and all of its onboard survivors in the process, when the alert went out that devices of Kheran origin were discharged around the worlds magnetic poles. Stormwatch was dispatched to assess the situation, as Fuji was assessing the technologies resemblance to terraforming technology he came into conflict with Sabre from the brutal Kherubim brigade of legend.

    DC Universe

    Fuji makes his DCU debut (after the Wildstorm Universe was integrated with the mainstream DCU post- Flashpoint) as a soldier working for NOWHERE in Superboy #7.


    Fuji wears a containment suit to contain his radioactive plasma state. While in the suit he is incredibly strong and durable. He has stated that an added bonus of his form is that each day the gasses in his body burst in the form of an orgasm due to vibrational stimulus every five minutes, this was corrected during the worlds end even where King had his containment armor modded with kinetic dampeners for slacking off on the job.

    Toshiro's gaseous form had been modified with an infusion of nanokinetic fluid and supernatural energy courtesy of Angela Spica mixed with the necromophic force of the Eidolon's touch. The nanotech fused to his plasma physiology at a subatomic level, gaining technopathic and technomorphic abilities akin to Metallo or Ultron. Having been able to directly activate and interface with any form of technology by sheer force of will. Access to the nanotech inside his system also unlocked new more expressive ways to channel his condition such as projecting his own radioactive quintessence as concussive blasts from his hands or chest dial at will.

    He can also use this force to telekinetically animate loose pieces of scrap and machinery in order to physically reconstruct infrastructure as well as architecture with a thought. Likewise thanks in part to his liquid metal form, he can also change and alternate his physical shape however he sees fit, taking a more humanoid guise over the hulking form he had to manifesting a designer tailored suit with and everything just by willing it so.


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