Character » Fugue appears in 3 issues.

    Yeti-like creature with feral tendencies and limited intelligence. Member of a group of Morlocks that relocated to Mole Man's underground kingdom.

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    Wanted for several murders in the upper world, Fugue was a member or the tribe of Morlocks led by Carver. Despite being unable to determine right from wrong, NYPD Lieutenant Tara Curson was hellbent on making the creature pay for it's crimes. That was when she enlisted the help of Spider-man and Wolverine.

    Going underground and finding Carver's Morlocks, Wolverine challenged Carver to a fight for leadership of the tribe. After Wolverine managed to injure Carver, Fugue attacked Wolverine and accidentally fell into the chasm beneath their fight location. Spider-man managed to catch Fugue with his webbing, momentarily saving the angry beast. After a series of earthquakes however, Spider-man's webbing snapped and Fugue fell down the chasm to his supposed death. He has not been heard from since.

    Powers & Abilities

    Fugue is a huge and feral mutant who possesses immense superhuman strength. He also has very sharp claws and teeth.

    Carver has stated that Fugue has very limited intelligence and that his brain is the size of a walnut. He behaves somewhat like a dog towards Carver, who he considers his master, and will therefore leap to his defense whenever Carver is threatened.


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