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    A young man accidentally cryogenically frozen and revived around the year 3000 a. d. He works with Turanga Leela and Bender at the Planet Express delivery company.

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    Philip J. Fry was born on August 9, 1974 in Brooklyn, New York City, New York. While naming her new born baby boy, his mother didn’t want to decide on a name that was the same as what she “picked dinner last night,” so his father named him Philip after the Philips-head screwdrivers. Philip is the younger brother of Yancy Fry. The two brothers had a rival relationship and it began when Yancy wanted to be named Philip instead of Yancy. One day when Philip and Yancy were playing basketball together and Philip was losing to his brother until he discovered a seven leaf clover on the ground. It ended up giving him enough luck to beat his brother with an outside jump-shot. Philip and Yancy were trying out for a break dancing team and Philip showed off his “Outer Space” style, which Yancy copied and renamed. Philip then turned to his seven leaf clover and was able to perform the “septuple head spin.” Yancy began attempting to forcefully take the clover from Philip, which he would decide to hide in a Breakfast Club record in the family’s bomb shelter.

    Old New York

    As an adult, Fry was a poor slob that worked as a delivery boy for Panucci’s Pizza. In 1997, Fry was delivering a pizza for a person named “Seymour Asses.” He finally figured out it was a prank and decided to sit down outside and eat the pizza himself. He discovers a hungry dog to share the pizza with. The dog follows Fry around and he decides to keep him and name him Seymour. By 1998 Fry was able to teach Seymour how to sing Walking on Sunshine. He also taught Seymour to clean up the mess in the pizza parlor by eating the food that fell on the floor. Whenever Fry went on deliveries, Seymour would always wait outside for him. In 1999, Fry was dumped by his girlfriend Michelle who had decided to start dating another man. Fry had to go on a delivery on December 31, 1999 to a cryogenics lab for “I.C. Wiener.” When Fry arrived at the lab, he finally realizes that it was a prank call again. He decides to just sit on a chair and drink a beer while it became the new year. Fry was leaning on the chair when he ended up falling backwards and into one of the open time capsules. The door closed and the timer was set for 1000 years. Fry eventually re-emerged 1000 years later when New York City had been destroyed, was rebuilt and named New New York City on December 31, 2999.

    New New York

    A confused Fry now found himself in a very different world from his own. Fry realized that he could start a brand new life for himself since his old one was “crappy” anyways. He then met a career helper named Turanga Leela who finds out that he has to register for a job and the only suitable job for him turns out to be delivery boy. Fry then finds out that they have to use some kind of piercing weapon to put a career chip in his arm. Realizing his fate is no different than in the past, he decides to run away in chase. Fry later meets Bender at a suicide booth in which Bender was trying to kill himself when he found out Bender had bent the girders to make the booths. Bender and Fry decide to go to a bar and drink. Leela catches up to Fry and he convinces Leela to quit her job as a Career-Chip Officer.

    Delivery Boy

    The three of them meet Fry’s nephew, director and owner of the Planet Express Company. Upon discovering that he was going to be a delivery boy, in a classic form of Groening stupor and comedy, he becomes happy and content. It is the career he was born adequate for.


    Fry is sort of a pervert, he loves women, he is very lazy and likes beer a lot like Bender his robotic friend. He is always getting in trouble somehow and someway. He is kind of dumb most of the time but sometimes he is actually quite smart. He also has a crush on Turanga Leela the cyclops woman.

    Although he has a crush on Leela, he has had relationships with another women he works with, a women from mars named Amy Wong, although they were dating only briefly and in one episode. Fry decided to break up with Amy because she was too clingy. He complained that she was always around. As he was about to break up with her they were in an accident where Dr. Zoidberg had to attach Fry's head to Amy's body to save his life. Fry awoke with his head attached to Amy's body right beside her own, him having control of her left arm and her the right. Amy asked Fry what he was wanting to say before the accident, and Fry continued with his plan to break up with her. Amy was not that bothered by being dumped, she immediately started dating again, with Fry's head still attached to her body.


    Fry is immune to all forms of psionics, because he lacks a Delta Brainwave.

    Notable Quotes

    You know the worst thing about being a slave? They make you work but they don't pay you or let you go.

    Well, ou guys might be losers but I just made out with that radiator woman form the radiator planet.

    So how I feel when I'm drunk is correct?

    (Upon being called stupid) No...I'm doesn't.

    If I ever want to go back to the year 2000, I'll just freeze myself again.


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