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    Frost is a space pirate who secretly starts wars and ends them himself, giving the public the opinion that he is a great hero.

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    In Universe 6, Frost is the exact opposite of Frieza in every way. He fights to end war and bring peace to the people. He shares the same appearance and transformation as Frieza. Frost fears to use his final form because he once killed an evil-doer because he couldn't control his power.


    Frost first appears in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 7 (V Jump 02/2016). Frost's first anime appearance is Dragon Ball Super episode 32: The Match Begins! Everyone Head to the "Nameless Planet"!

    Story Arcs

    Universe 6 vs Universe 7 Tournament

    Frost was recruited by Vados to fight in the tournament for Universe 6. She promised Champa would provide assistance to his peacekeeping efforts. In the second round, Frost faced Goku and transformed into his third form early. Once Goku transformed into a Super Saiyan, Frost was forced to reveal his final form.

    Powers and Abilities

    • Flight
    • Tail Attack
    • Chaos Beam
    • Barrage Chaos Beam
    • Chaos Wave
    • Chaos Ball
    • Also has 3 Transformations increasing his abilities.


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