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    The leader of Gemini, Gabriel Caine is able to manipulate his own physiology down to molecular level. This in turn grants him super-strength, speed, durability, and a healing factor.

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    Marvel Italia

    Born in Italy in the month of June [under the Zodiacal sign of Gemini], Gabriel was killed the same day by the "Meta-Impulse", a cosmic-demoniac energy relased by Nosferath entering our dimension. Along with the young italian, the "Meta-Impulse" kill all the others babies in the nursery and transform into deformed monsters all the people in the hospital and in near area.

    Resurrected by the power of the Nosferath itself, Gabriel was taken by Mr. Illusion, servant of the Nosferath, and delivered to former M.I.5 agent and scientist Edwig Cain, who raised him as his adopted son [alongside with other 4 childrens]. For some unclear reason, Edwig Cain raise Gabriel as is natural son, giving him his surname.

    Gabriel grow up under the guide and training of Ewig Cain, unknowing his true story, the origin of his powers, the secret of the Nosferath and the destiny of his true parents [that may or maybe not dead] and at last he become the Leader of the Super-Hero, Anti-Terrorist Team Gemini assembled by his adoptive father, under the codename of Front.

    While on his mission with the Gemini, fighting terrorist of the "Alba Dorata" [an Italian right-winged terrorist organization], Gabriel discover the secret keep hiden by his father: Edwig Cain was responsible of the massacre at the hospital, have made a pact with a demonic-cosmic entity [the Nosferath] and keep him hidden and imprisoned in the Gemini base.

    Confronting his father, Front find that the scientist have been replaced by a L.M.D., and destroyed it. Framed for the homicide of Edwig Caine and don't knowing who of his friend can be trusted, Gabriel run away from the base, searching for help.

    When the monstrouse Euro-Adaptoid attack the subway in Milan, Front engage it in combat, only to be opposed by the rest of his former team and Agent Lancelot of S.H.I.E.L.D., who shot him right in the face, disfiguring him.

    Surviving only thank to his power, now using a golden mask to cover the horrible scars on is face, Front start a solitary crusade to show the truth about the Nosferath, finding help in Carlo Paci and Mr. Illusion, and also making a truce with Agent Lancelot, to guide the rest of Gemini against the Nosferath.

    After the final battle with the Nosferath and the intervention of The Voyager, the exact destiny of Front remain unknown, but from Marvel Official Database seem clear that he and his team are still operating as superheroes in Italy.


    Autonomic Function Control: Front possesses a complete control over his body functions, allowing him to exert peak human abilities for several hours before fatigue impairs him. He can accelerate his own body function, imitate and execute perfect acrobatic and martial artist feats, hold his breath for exended lenght of time and other similar things.

    Also, using his power, he can also activate a low level accelerated healing factor capable of healing mild to moderate injuries faster than an ordinary human, but only at human level, and so he haven't been able to regenerate the scars on his face.

    This power extend also over his brain, giving him an incredible ability of fast learning. He say, for example, that if he want he can learn to play pianos in a couple of hours. For this reason, Front is an expert in to a large set of skills, tactical, pratical and academical.

    In his body flows an unknown form of energy that can be channeled through R.E.V.O. [see below] in powerful energy blasts.

    Anyway, as for the others members of Gemini, the full extension and form of his powers is not clear due of the their magic/demonic/cosmic origins and nature.


    A high-tech gun created by Front with an A.I. enhanced neural interface. R.E.V.O. can comunicate, interact with human and machine and can be considerated nearly sentient. It is able to re-shape is form in size and aspect, to be mimetical, and is able to create, chose and use different type of bullet [including a flame-thrower function]. R.E.V.O. have also a set of scanner, analazyng system and medical supply that can freely inject to Front while necessary. REVO is fueled by the energy that flows into Front's body [supposed: Meta-Impulse mystical energy], and for this reason the gun connect to his owner placing tube trought his body, directly into the vein of Gabriel. This means that R.E.V.O. can be used only by Front, even if someone success in overide it's A.I. and force it's system.

    Due it's autonomy and intelligence [and a slight sense of humor!], R.E.V.O. is often considered more as the sixth member of Gemini, rather than an object.


    While is surname, Caine, show british origins as much as that of Edwig Caine, Gabriel is born [and re-born] in Italy, and he have lived his whole life in Italy as italian citizen, so he must be considered italian under all aspect.


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