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From Hell or from Alan Moore's Mind?

The book that loosely inspired the Johnny Depp Movie of the same name.  Don't get me wrong the movie was a nicely done Jack the Ripper movie.  The real From Hell is Historic crime detective work at its best.  Warren Ellis called this book "My favorite Graphic novel of all-time" and I can't blame him.   It has violence, sex, historical facts, occult ideas, more sex, skewed facts, more violence, Freemasons, Jack the Ripper, more sex, celebrities of the time and did I say violence?  Because I tell you the death scenes are beautifully done.
Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell took about 10 years to complete this masterpiece and thank God they did.  It is both a very good  theory who Jack the Ripper was and it is also a neat way for Alan Moore to express fantastic ideas such as the forth dimension. 
This is a must have book for any Jack the Ripper fans, it serves just as the most likely events what really happened added to the ones we know that did. 
All Alan Moore and/or Eddie Campbell fans should of read this by now.  It stands proudly besides: Watchmen, V for Vendetta, Miracle Man, Swamp Thing, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Promethea for the Alan Moore books and besides Alec for the Eddie Campbell side.
This book is a 5/5.  A must!

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