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    Half H'San Natall, half human. Fringe is a former titan who had gone by tragedy after tragedy because of the way he looks. Dispatched by his own parents he found happiness with the Titans and Prysm.

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    Tamara Gorson and Mikey Gorson were a couple that wanted to have a child. Some time later that would become possible and they awaited their son's birth. However things didn't go well and where a little cute baby should be there was a little creature that had a monstrous appearance.

    The young people freaked out and decided to throw their little baby from a child since they thought that he was a monster. However fate had other plans and Fringe was saved by a mysterious force that would bond with the little baby. That little boy would later grow up and become the hero known as Fringe.

    During almost all of Fringe's life, he didn't have a place to call home. He wouldn't be alone though, the force that saved him when he was a little kid would keep an eye on him and emerge when he was in great danger.

    Fringe spent most of his life as a homeless person, living out of garbage bins and alleys. The protector-entity would only emerge when Fringe was in danger.

    Meeting the Teen Titans

    Fringe would later meet the just formed Teen Titans, however he didn't meet them under the best circunstances; The Teen Titans and Fringe met for the first time when Fringe was a prisioner of the entity known as the Veil who had also given all members of the present team of the Teen Titans their powers.

    The plan of the Veil was to get rid of all the aliens that lived on Earth. Their mission started by capturing both Fringe and Supergirl ( Matrix), however their plans were stopped thanks to the teamwork of the Teen Titans, Captain Marvel Jr. and Nightwing.

    Fringe and Prysm

    Some time later a fight against the villain known as Haze (Mr. Jupiter's son) the Teen Titan Joto ( Hotspot) was thought dead. It was after this that the team started to fall apart. The fact that Mr. Jupiter would later disband the team wouldn't help either.

    After this the teen titan member Prysm thought that she was all alone and that she didn't have another place to call home. After that she decided to find Supergirl (Matrix) and speak with her. After that a battle started and since both Prysm and Fringe were a H'San Natall/human hybrid, she was able to sense Fringe was in danger. He was in darger because he was being attacked by Jugular, a skilled bounty hunter.

    It was during this battle that Fringe showed the entity that protected him from danger. The entity appeared because Fringe was in great danger. The entity attacked the bounty hunter, protecting Fringe from him.

    It was after this that Fringe would meet his biologic parents, Tamara Gorson and Mikey Gorson. Apperantly both of his parents were regretfull about what they did to Fringe when he was just a little baby. He also started to develop a strong bond with Prysm, probably because of their similarities and their mental link.

    Teen Titans

    Soon after this, the teen titan member Argent was inspired by her dead teamate Joto (Hotspot) so she decided to be more responsible and reform the Teen Titans once more. It was almost the same team, however Argent also decided to make membership auditions to other young heroes who wanted to be in the titans. After the membership auditions and a battle that happened just after that, the Teen Titans re-formed with two other additions: Captain Marvel Jr. and Fringe.

    The Return of Joto

    Some time later the teen titans discovered that Joto had survived and that he was still prisioner. The team decided to go on a mission to save their former teamate and friend. The mission was a success, however Prysm and Fringe left the team because they wanted to remain in space with the people of H'San Natall. After that the team would disband and each one went on their own separate ways.

    The Technis Imperative

    When the former titan Cyberion ( Cyborg) went back to earth, he started to capture anyone who had ever been a titan to populate the earth's moon and create a new home to the technis. Both Fringe and Prysm were some of the first titans to be captured by Cyberion.

    After the two of them were freed by Nightwing, Raven, Beast Boy and Flash they helped to fight the Justice League of America after they entered in conflict with the Titans because the justice league wanted to destroy Cyberion (Cyborg)to protect the earth, while the titans wanted to save Cyberion first. In the end both teams worked together they were able to both save Cyberion (Cyborg) and the earth.


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