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Fright first appeared as Linda Friitawa, a scientist in the employ of the Penguin, assisting the Scarecrow in his experiments to refine his fear-inducing chemicals. Friitawa worked for the Penguin because she had lost her medical license. An albino, Friitawa slept through the day and worked all night assisting the Scarecrow. In contrast to the Penguin, who constantly harangued and bullied the Scarecrow, Friitawa showed him kindness.

Soon, a gigantic creature dubbed the " Scarebeast" began killing off the Penguin's underlings. Although the creature exhaled fear-inducing toxin and resembled the Scarecrow's costume, Friitawa believed in Scarecrow when he claimed he had nothing to do with the creature. Sometime later Batman defeated the creature and discovered that it was, the Scarecrow and then confronted Cobblepot,about that. Cobblepot had hired Friitawa sabotage the Crane's experiments and turn into a monster and then to kill their partners and assume the business, in exchange for which she could use his facilities to work around the negative effects of her albinism, giving herself superhuman abilities and described her profile,Friitawa was a geneticist who lost her license for unauthorized experiments on human beings.

During the conversation, she appeared to confirmed everything that Batman had said and she said that in the next time,he should call her ''Fright'' and ran off.

Fright later resurfaced working with the new Black Mask. She and HUgo Strange resurrected the Reaper to distract Batman. When the Black Mask expressed reluctance to continue in his work, Fright used her fear gas to convince him otherwise. She also is in love with the new Black Mask.

After Black Mask was revealed to be Jeremiah Arkham and he was imprisoned, Fright is shown as wearing a new black mask to take the mantle.

Major Story Arcs

Batman: The Dark Knight- Knight Terrors

After the 52 reboot, Fright is one of several Arkham inmates injected with a type of Fear Toxin that give them superhero strength. They then try break out but Batman is able to stop them. Later when the toxin wares off Fright and the others, they are put into critical care.

The Night of the Owls

For more information see- The Night of the Owls

Fright is seen in Arkham right before the Court of Owls attack.

Powers and Abilities

After using the Jonathan Crane research, Linda Friitawa had her senses, strength, and agility increased to superhuman levels, and additionally gain the ability to exhale fear toxin.

She is also a skilled scientist in the field of genetics and chemistry, she was able to use the Crane's research to turn it into a monster. She used the same research to cure her albinism and also reanimated Benjamin Gruener from a cryogenic state, without any damage of his tissue, despite the fact that he had been frozen since World War II.


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