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    Thor's eldest granddaughter in a distant future, sister to both Ellisiv and Atli.

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    Frigg is the daughter of Woden, granddaughter of Thor

    According to her sister, Ellisiv, she is "the oldest, the most commanding, with a voice that out-thunders any storm."


    The Goddesses of Thunder debut in Thor: God of Thunder #8 by Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic

    Major Story Arcs


    The goddesses meet a young Thor
    The goddesses meet a young Thor

    Atli, Ellisiv, and Frigg, the granddaughters of Thor, were kidnapped from the timestream by Gorr the God Butcher, who was enslaving a number of gods across time and space to build the Godbomb, a monolithic explosive device to destroy all forms of divinity across the universe.

    As the Godbomb was nearing completion, the goddesses rounded up their fellow slaves and started planning a revolt. They revealed a small but sufficient amount of unstable matter they have managed to pocket and create their own bomb. Unfortunately, it didn’t even scratch the Godbomb.

    While three different Thors each from a different time in his life team up against Gorr, the goddesses keep the fight on the ground with the other gods. When the Thors succeeded, they headed home with future Thor, the Thor they know as grandfather.

    Midgard Reborn

    The goddesses return to fight Galactus
    The goddesses return to fight Galactus

    The goddesses did not quite understand why their grandfather, Old King Thor, wanted to continue visiting the barren wasteland that is Midgard. They still traveled with him anyway, and on this trip, they came across Galactus looking for his next meal. Without hesitation, Old King Thor calls the Bifrost and sends his granddaughters home with explicit instructions not to allow any gods to set foot on Midgard to help him fight Galactus.

    After Old King Thor was thrown into space by Galactus, the goddesses broke their grandfather’s rules and came screaming back to Midgard to defend their grandfather:

    They kept Galactus busy until Old King Thor came back from space, but now he has the Necro-Sword. It was up to them to talk Thor down from falling to the sword’s basest influence. Regardless, Thor finally bests Galactus, and much to his surprise, when he bleeds on Earth, it jumpstarts life right before his and his granddaughters’ eyes. The goddesses are convinced to help him forging rivers and sowing new gardens.

    For his birthday, they used old spells to create a magic clay to remake the beasts of Earth the best they could. They even saved him some to use as he saw fit. He used them to create a new first man and woman of Earth (Jane and Steve).

    King Thor

    Goddesses fighting Gorr
    Goddesses fighting Gorr

    While their grandfather fights his brother, Loki, armed with the All-Black Necrosword, the goddesses head for Omnipotence City. They are looking for any proof that all the gods have been killed. If they get the help of more gods, they could help King Thor defend Asgard and Midgard. They are set on a new path by Shadrak from the library, who tells them to start at the beginning. He gives them a book called “The Saga of the God Butcher,” which leads them to a desolate planet called Indigarr.

    Indigarr used to be the home of Gorr, but after Thor had defeated him the first time, he brought lost gods to this planet to serve the remaining people. They joined the Goddesses of Thunder to help King Thor, who was no longer fighting Loki but a version of Gorr who was absorbed into the Necrosword. With the new reinforcements, Gorr was finally defeated

    Avengers Forever

    The goddesses follow Mjolnir
    The goddesses follow Mjolnir

    After Thor finally beat Gorr, he dropped his hammer and left. His granddaughters dutifully watched over the hammer, but one day, with a powerful storm of Phoenix fire, they check on the hammer and find it floating. They tie the hammer to their flying boat and allow it to take them where they are needed.

    They end up travelling the multiverse and landing on Earth-818 where an army of variant Red Skulls were taking on an Avengers team led by a variant Tony Stark, who became Ant-Man instead of Iron Man. They join the battle to help defeat the Red Skulls. In exchange, Stark shows them his Earth's Mjolnir, which he recently found. The goddesses tied that Mjolnir to their vessel and let the two hammers guide them to more and more hammers, as well as pieces of Old Man Phoenix (a Phoenix Force possessed variant of Wolverine)

    The War of Wars

    Armed with Mjolnirs
    Armed with Mjolnirs

    Once Old Man Phoenix was assembled, he led them to The God Quarry where multiple Avenger variants were defending the Avengers Tower from the Council of Red. They joined the fight including cutting loose all their hammers to rain down on the Mephistos forcing them to retreat for now. The other Mephistos challenged the 616 variant that brought them together, however, he didn't appreciate their insolence. He killed and absorbed them, transforming himself into a giant version of himself. He made a second attempt on the God Quarry, as did a multiversal army of Doctor Dooms. With a new fight just beginning, the goddesses chose a Mjolnir from the multiverse to arm themselves with.

    Mephisto's ultimate goal was to break the barrier of the quarry and release the raw power leftover from the previous cosmos, thus destroying the present one. Variant Phoenix hosts held back the flood, while Robbie Reyes charged a variant of Doctor Doom that was a planet-sized satellite with hellfire so he could plug the hole. This temporary fix was held in place by the Goddesses calling down all the hammers to pin the planet in place until Robbie weld it shut from the other side.

    With the day saved, the Goddesses of Thunder returned to their Earth of the future along with Old Man Phoenix, where he helped the trio tend the once barren future Earth just as Thor once did.

    Powers and Abilities

    Asgardian Physiology: Frigg is stronger, faster, more durable, and has a longer lifespan than a human of her relative size.


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