Friends of Humanity

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    The Friends of Humanity are an anti-mutant hate group formed by Graydon Creed.

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    U.S. Presidential candidate Graydon Creed formed a right wing political party named the Friends of Humanity. It was an organization formed for the 'regular humans' that wanted the mutants out of their lives, and out of their country. After Graydon Creed had been killed, the organization became more fundamentalist and started acts of terrorism. They have caused damage on many occasions, whenever there was an opportunity they harmed mutants and they pressured lawmakers to reinstate the Mutant Registration Act. The group was closely linked to The Purifiers (a group whom killed mutants whenever they could). They have come at odds with the X-men and Spider-Man on a few occasions.

    Other mediums

    X-men: The Animated series.

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    The Friends of Humanity had a big role in this show. They filled the role of The Purifiers (probably because Fox didn't want to offend right wing audiences with a christian antagonistic group).

    Graydon Creed is the leader of the group despite having a mutant father - the member of The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Victor Creed.


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