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    It's the end of an era as Peter David and Todd Nauck wrap up their run with a BLACK IN BLACK tie-in that finally brings J. Jonah Jameson face to face with the man he hates most…Peter Parker!

    Is this the final showdown? See J. Jonah Jameson get two black eyes!

    J. Jonah Jameson shows up at the Robertson house. He has two black eyes, his hand is wrapped up, and he's carrying a bottle of wine. When asked what happened to him, he says he walked into a door. Randy, Martha, and Robbie each ask Jonah if he's just there to "fire him some more." There is a lot of hostility and Jonah asks to talk to Robbie privately. As Robbie asks what happened, Jonah flashes back to earlier that day.

    At the Daily Bugle, Betty is riding Jameson's case about firing Robbie and that he really needs to rehire him. Jonah seems pretty adamant that his mind is made up. As they both walk into his office, they find the entire room filled with webbing and a in the center, a note to "JJJ." All it gives is an address and time telling Jonah to go alone. It's signed, "Your F.N.S-M." Betty asks Jameson if he's going to go. Jonah asks why would he walk into the "spider's parlor" and Betty says that maybe he owes it to him.

    The place turns out to be an abandoned gym (that belonged to a crime boss that Spider-Man busted some time back). Jameson stands at the door and yells out that he's not going to step foot inside. People know he's there. Before he can say anything else, a bit of webbing hits him in the chest and pulls him inside.

    As Jameson lies on the floor, he says he's going to bury Parker for this; he's giving him more ammunition for the lawsuit. Spider-Man says that trying to bury him is nothing new since he's been "digging his grave" for years. Jameson asks what does he want. Spider-Man asks if Robbie was fired because of him and then tells him to rehire him. When Jameson asks why, Spider-Man says to make up for all the crap that Jameson's done over the years and can't take back. This he can take back. Jameson just says no.

    Jameson says he has nothing else to say to him. Spider-Man tells him he should thank him for all the papers he's sold over the years because of him. He also mentions saving his son and saving the world. Jameson cuts in and mentions Parker's Aunt and Uncle and George Stacy and Gwen. He asks how saving them worked out. After a moment of silence, Jameson actually apologizes. He struggles to say that what he just said was uncalled for. Spider-Man can't believe he's serious. Apologizing would mean he has a concept of what is right and what isn't.

    Spider-Man says it was easier for Jameson to hate him when he didn't know who he was. Jameson actually agrees. Spider-Man asks what is it going to take to get Robbie rehired. Jonah offers a deal, he'll either drop the lawsuit against him or rehire Robbie. Spider-Man quickly tells him to drop the lawsuit. Jonah is momentarily surprised then quickly says he knew it. He knew that for everything that Spider-Man tries to say about being a hero, he only cares about himself. He was willing to sell out Robbie in an instant to save himself.

    Spider-Man asks if he "knew it," why was he so surprised. He could tell by his reaction that he really didn't expect him to choose the lawsuit. He says that he really knows that he's that unselfish. Spider-Man says he knows Jameson is going to rehire Robbie. He says it was all just to arrange a meeting with him. Jameson says he might be willing to admit that but he realizes that he doesn't have anything to say to him (even though he's a writer). He says it's settled, Robbie stays fired, and he'll see Parker in court.

    As Jameson walks away, Spider-Man tells him to hit him. Jameson is surprised once again. Spider-Man takes off his mask and tells him to hit him as many times as he wants. He says that Jonah is just jealous of him, like the bullies were when he was kid. He tells him to get it out of his system and just hit him. Jameson says then he'd have an excuse to beat him up. Parker tells him he doesn't need an excuse. He's an outlaw. He could drop him off a building and no one could prove it. He says he won't hit back or try to stop him. Peter calls him "gutless." He gives him a little slap on the face and asks if his son or wife knows what a coward he is. As he goes on, Jameson finally snaps and decks him.

    Peter practically laughs at him despite the bit of blood coming from his nose. He asks Jonah if that's the best he can do. Jameson just tells him to shut up again and keeps hitting him. Jonah switches to his narration to Robbie. He says that he just kept hitting Peter over and over. He never fell over. He just kept smiling. Finally when Jameson's fist was throbbing Peter asked if they were done. Out of breathe, Jameson says they are.

    Peter then swings up and says he has a present for him. He drops a role of film in Jonah's hands. Peter tells him he could put them all over the front page of the Bugle saying that Spider-Man was too scared to lift a finger against him. That was why he took off his mask. The money he'd make from all the copies he'd sell would be more than he could get from the lawsuit. With a good-bye, he leaves.

    Jonah tries calling after Parker, saying they can talk about it. He keeps calling, ending with calling out "Pete?"

    At the Bugle, Jonah stomps on the role of film. He starts walking towards his office in a storm when, at that moment, Betty walks out of the ladies room. Jonah walks straight into the door.

    Back in the present at Robbie's place, the two of them are drinking the wine. Robbie then asks why did he destroy the film. Jameson says he has absolutely no idea. Robbie says that in some part of Peter's mind, he wanted to be punished for all the bad things going on in his life. He wanted Jameson to help and that was why he allowed him to beat on him. Robbie says that Jonah probably realized this and that was why he didn't use the pictures. He is going to drop the lawsuit and give Robbie his job back. Robbie asks what if he said he didn't feel like coming back? Jonah says he'd just give him more wine only to find the bottle is missing. In place of the bottle is a note that says, "Thanks for the wine. You F.N.S.M."

    All Jonah can say is, "I hate that F.N. Spider-Man."



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