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    Frieda Goren is a teenage resident of Dakota City, where she attends Ernest Hemingway High School as a student. She is the best friend and occasional love interest of Virgil Hawkins A.K.A. Static. She used to be anorexic.

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    Frieda learned of Virgil's secret after Hotstreak (formerly known as Biz Money B) tries to take her as a prize for himself. Static shows up to protect her, but he was quickly defeated. After Hotstreak leaves, Static removes his mask, revealing himself to her. Frieda takes him to her house to tend to his wounds as he tells her everything about what led to the fateful night at the Big Bang. After Virgil was treated, he challenged Hotstreak to a rematch and defeats him. From then on, Frieda's friendship with Virgil grows as she became his only confidant with his identity. But Frieda was keeping a secret of her own. When Virgil tried to visit her to discuss his encounter with Holocaust, he discovered that she and Larry Wade, a close friend of Virgil's, were dating. Virgil became jealous and blasts Larry with some of his own power by accident. Larry later explained to him that Frieda hid her secret because she didn't want to lose him as a friend. Virgil thenforgave them both and things returned to normal.


    Frieda Goren was created by was created by Dwayne McDuffie and John Paul Leon.

    Character Evolution


    Frieda Goren (Dakotaverse)
    Frieda Goren (Dakotaverse)

    Through her life was never again normal due to her connection to Static, Frieda suffered a great loss when Larry (who was revealed to be a drug dealer) was killed in a drive-by shooting. At Larry's funeral, she admits that she worries about Virgil when he's Static. Losing Larry, combined with her with her need to always be perfect, causes her to develop an eating disorder and became anorexic. With support from her friends and family, she soon recovered.

    DC Universe / Modern Age: New Earth

    Frieda Goren (New Earth)
    Frieda Goren (New Earth)

    Following the death of Darkseid (as chronicled in Final Crisis), the space-time continuum was torn asunder, threatening the existence of both the Dakotaverse and the mainstream DC Universe. The being known as Dharma was able to use energies that he harnessed from Rift (upon that being's defeat in Worlds Collide) to merge the two universe, creating an entirely new continuity. Only Dhrama, Icon, and Superman are aware that Dakota and its inhabitants ever existed in a parallel universe.

    She and Virgil attend to film a Senior graduation at Ernst Hemingway High School, with Jefferson Pierce as a guest speaker. Holocaust shows up and starts trashing at the ceremony by attacking Pierce. In the middle of the chaos, Frieda asks Virgil to quickly change into his Static costume, but he needed a distraction in order to make his grand entrance. At random she screams to help her friend. After the conflict between of Static and Black Lightning against Holocaust, she and Virgil meet up with Pierce at the hospital to continue their interview.

    Sometime later, when Static was still missing, she is seen at a health clinic to get a vaccine for a virus that has mysteriously appeared in Dakota. When armed men try to steal the vaccine, Static shows up and saves everyone. Frieda was surprised to see Static again and to show her gratitude she punches him in the stomach, because she thought he was dead. Static promises to tell her what happened to him after he tries to save Dakota from the virus. Later, the Teen Titans come to Dakota to help Static. Wonder Girl, Bombshell, Aquagirl, and Beast Boy show up at her front door, in the middle of the night. Wonder Girl asks Frieda if she heard anything from Virgil. She told them that she heard nothing after his return, and also makes a lame remark by saying, "Girl Power" at the end of their conversation. After fighting Holocaust with the Teen Titans (with return of Cyborg, Kid Flash, and Superboy), Virgil goes to Frieda's apartment before he leaves for San Francisco. He tells her what happened to him when he left Dakota and asked for forgiveness, which she does. She is proud that he joined the Teen Titans and wondered if he would leave Dakota, but he replied no and he will keep in touch with her and his family and friends. She blushes in front of him, hinting that she may having feelings for Virgil.

    Post-Flashpoint: Earth-0

    She later appeared in the New 52 in the Static issues, still in contact with Static despite his move to New York.

    Major Story Arcs


    Milestone Forever

    Like Children, Like Father
    Like Children, Like Father

    Twenty years into the future, she is married to Virgil and together they have two children, Larry and Sadie (both of whom have inherited his electrical abilities). The couple reflect on their life, and Virgil playfully asking Frieda if she wants him to return to his role as Static. She simply smiles and tells him 'absolutely not', and the two passionately kiss.

    Other Media


    Static Shock (2000)

    Frieda Goren animated
    Frieda Goren animated

    In the Static Shock cartoon, she is Virgil's friend at school and his initial crush. Though lively and popular in school, she tends to be short-tempered and impulsive, earning her the nickname "Hurricane Frieda". She is an active participant and the driving force of the school's newspaper. The animated Frieda is made as only a supporting character, as opposed to her comic counterpart, in which she plays Gear's role as Virgil's best friend/confidant/and unofficial sidekick to his Static persona.

    Voiced by Danica McKellar.


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