Friday The 13th

    Movie » Friday The 13th released on February 13, 2009.

    A horrific and bloody re envisionment of the classic horror tale from Camp Crystal Lake.

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    ***Warning somewhat explicit***

    Everyone's favorite machete wielding, ski mask wearing maniac from has returned in Marcus Nispel's vivid re imagination of the classic horror tale Friday The 13th.

    Unlike his predecessor's,Sean S. Cunningham, story Nispel's story jumps straight into 1980 where Mrs. Voorhees (played by Nana Visitor) attempting to kill the last camp councilor and then being beheaded. Next the story skips ahead to present day where a group of teenagers are walking through the forest in search of some sort of "crop". After a few minutes the teens find a place to set up camp and the time frame moves forward to later that night where one of the teens returns to the camp fire and talks about a boarded up camp that he found and begins to tell the story of that Friday the 13th in 1980. Two of the teens (Whitney Miller and Mike) break off to go check out the old camp. Leaving only three back at camp (Wade, Richie, and Amanda). Finally after Wade telling Richie that they are less than a half a mile away from the crop with Amanda in the background unbuttoning her shirt and applying lotion to herself, Richie finally tells Wade he should take a walk and Wade catches on and agrees. While Richie and Amanda are in the tent "sleeping" together Wade is walking through the forest. When he stops to take a leak he drops his GPA. When he zips up his pants and kneels down to pick it up he realizes he found the "Crop".....weed. When he stands back up Jason is standing behind him and he kills Wade. Next it moves to Whitney and Mike exploring the camp. After a few minutes they stumble upon a bed with the name Jason written on it. When they realize that that was the name of the boy in the story that Wade told they turn to leave only to have the door shut before them. When Mike kneels down to look under the door the famed machete comes up through the floor boards. Whitney runs and jumps into the bathtub, Mike close behind her only before he can reach the tub he is stabbed in the foot, then in the thigh, then in the hand. As Whitney attempts to pull him into the tub two hand bust through the floor boards and begin to drag Mike under the floor. After Mike is pulled under the floor Whitney gets up and runs from the cabin. Eventually the girl reaches her campsite only to find Amanda dead after being burned alive in her sleeping bag, soon she hears Richie’s voice as he is caught in a bear trap not far from the fire. When Whitney runs over to save him Jason quickly catches up and buries his machete in Richie’s head, before going after Whitney again.

    The story then skips forward where we are introduced into Whitney’s determined brother Clay, who is searching the area asking everyone he finds if they have seen his sister. He has a run-in with a group of parting teens (Trent, Jenna, Lawrence, Chewie, Nolan, Chelsea and Bree). Trent and his friends are headed to ’s parents cabin for vacation where Clay quickly appears. After yet another incident with Trent and Clay, Jenna volunteers to walk with Clay. The two eventually end up in the old camp while Nolan and Chelsea are out on getting slaughtered on the lake. While snooping around the old and Jenna are quickly forced to finding a hiding place as Jason soon turns up carrying something over his shoulder. The two quickly realize that the item which Jason is carrying is actually a dead body (the body of either Nolan or Chelsea its never really specified). Out of fear the Clay and Jenna sprint back to the cabin where Jason proceeds to pick the rest of the group off one by one until Clay and Jenna eventually find Jason’s secrete hideout and discover Whitney. Whitney, Clay, and Jenna all three panic as they are seemingly corned with Jason quickly gain ground on them. While escaping Jason finishes off Jenna before again pinning down Clay and Whitney in a barn where the two have their final stand. Through teamwork the two seemingly best Jason, and out of a last sign of respect the dump his “dead” body into the lake, then in classic Jason manner the masked slasher gives the audience one final scare.



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    A Breath of fresh Air 0

      "Are you kidding? I have a better shot at F*cking a penguin than that girl."-ChewieOk so I know its been while back that this movie came back but our wonderful site here wasn't around back then so here we go.Now unlike his predecessor's,Sean S. Cunningham, story Nispel's story jumps straight into 1980 where Mrs. Voorhees (played by Nana Visitor) is attempting to kill the last camp councilor who inturn cuts Voorhee's head off. The GoodNispel's vision of Friday the 13th give the crusty...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    Nothing new, but yet still a decent slasher flick 0

    With all the crappy Hollywood remakes, reboots, and re imaginings it's hard to find anything that is original and a breath of fresh air. Friday the 13th isn't that kind of film, nothing in this film is new or original. However that doesn't make it necessary a bad movie, it still has the Nostalgia factor whenever Jason is on screen, however when he isn't on screen your usually just watching some stupid teenagers drinking, smoking, and having sex.   What Micheal Bay seems to be doing with all thes...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    Friday The 13th Remake 0

    There is a debate about "Why parents are more at ease letting their kids see violence in a movie rather than watching sex in a movie. My answer has been that you can see actor getting killed in one movie, yet see him in another in just a month or two. It is obviously fake. Sex on the other hand is sex, and can lead to some uncomfortable discussions. So I am watching this movie with Ashley, my oldest daughter It gets to the inevitable scene where two teens are doing it in a tent. It is not like t...

    0 out of 0 found this review helpful.

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