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Contrary to popular belief Jason is not the killer in the first movie, although he does appear as a young boy at the end of the movie it was actually his mother who killed the councilors.

Mrs. Voorhess stalks the shadows of Camp Crystal Lake as a young group of camp councilors come to the old camp in hopes of fixing it up and reopening it. Believing her son dead and blaming anyone who claimed the title of camp councilor she begins to pick off the teenage group one by one until she has narrowed it down the last, Alice. Once she has Alice running in fear Mrs. Voorhees reveals herself as the killer. After a long chase through the camp Mrs. Voorhees corners Alice near the docks of lake, in an attempt to prevent her from running Mrs. Voorhees exclaims about how it would be easier for Alice than it was for Jason, and that it was her fault he drowned she should have been watching him. Just as Mrs. Voorhees attempts to stab Alice with a knife the young camp councilor grabs the machete (that would eventually become the infamous weapon of choice in the later films) and cuts off Mrs. Voorhees head. (Later it is discovered that Jason was in fact still alive and witnessed his mother being beheaded.) Alice then drops the machete and climbs into a canoe and floats into the middle of the lake. When she awakes she sees police vehicles in the distance heading towards the camp suddenly a young boy (Jason Voorhees) jumps from the lake and pulls her into the water. Eventually Alice comes to on land and the police inform her she is the only survivor. When she ask about the about the boy the police tell her that there was no boy and tell her that she must have been dreaming......

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