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The masked slasher returns yet again after barely surviving a brutal blow to the shoulder from his own machete.  
Jason went to a road side store and grabbed himself a new set of clothes while stalking a new couple before returning to bring death to any who enter "his" woods.  Chris Higgins arrived with her friends back at her old family home where only three years ago she was attacked by Jason. Right from the start Chris had a bad feeling that something or some one is watching them; Jason was now hiding in the barn tending to his wounds.   
A group of bikers who had a run in with the teens earlier on started to siphon gas.  Suddenly one of them disappeared inside the barn where he found a hockey mask.  Jason quickly made short work of the biker and claimed the mask as his own.  When their friend didn't return the other two bikers decided to investigate.  When they looked in the barn Jason killed them quickly.  Having stained his infamous machete with new blood and obtaining his infamous mask Jason decided to go on the hunt once again and slowly picked off the unsuspecting teens until only one was left....Chris Higgins.  



none of this movie.


none of this movie.


none of this movie.


none of this movie.

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Jason Dons the Hockey Mask for the First Time 0

I first saw this film when I was 12 years old and it terrified me. I still remember the post movie conversation with my friends over 30 years ago; we all agreed, the thing that made Jason scary was that he seemed real - (in a lot of ways the 70s and early 80s were a more violent time, and there had been several stabbings in our suburban neighborhood) especially because a number of his killings in this movie happen in broad daylight. We weren't usually out at night, but the idea that a stranger c...

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