Character » Friction appears in 51 issues.

    She is a member of team called Displaced Paranormals 7 (DP7).

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    Height: 5'4"

    Weight: 118lbs.

    She was a part-time student at UW-M Majoring in dance, about a month ago before the White Event. She was in her dance class when she suddenly got this splitting headache that almost made her black out.

    Eyes: Brown

    Hair: Black

    Powers: Friction can mentally control the attraction objects have for one another, thus making them stick to one another or nearly frictionless. It is not known the precise manner in which she affects these objects, weather she affects the actual molecules of these objects' surface or if she coats them with some sort of energy that has variable frictional properties. She can project her parability a maximum of about 250 feet from her person and affect an area no greater than 100 square feet. She needs to be able to visualize the objects in order to affect it; consequently, she has difficulty affecting the inner mechanism of object or the inner organs of living beings. She has sufficient control over her parability yo cause a person's eyelids to stick together. She needs to concentrate in order to maintain her influence over an object's friction. She can use her parability to stick to walls or ceiling or to slide over reasonably flat surfaces like a skater.

    Talents: Friction can play piano, and is extremely limber, will coordinated, and graceful.

    Limitation: Because her parability is mental, her control over it is affected by her mental state. Mood, fatigue, and controlled substances affects her control and endurance in exercising her parability.


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