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Powers and Abilities

Freya as the former Third Fist of Ragnarok was considered one of the top three fighters in the gang. She has been trained by her master class grandfather since a young age in weapon styles. Freya feels that women cannot be men so she trains a personal task force dubbed the Valkyries in weapon styles herself showing that Freya has at least working knowledge of tonfas, sais, weighted chains, spears, whips, nunchaku, knives, escrima sticks, metal fans, and swords though her preferred style is bojutsu or staff fighting. Freya was able to fight evenly with her former pupil Kisara Nanjo and impress Miu with the speed and power of her strikes. Freya is constantly training and can be often seeing lifting large weights.


  • O Ken - The No Sight move where Freya can feel her surrondings and move accordingly without having to visually see them.
  • Rei Mei - An overhead strike toward the opponents head in order to knock them out in one blow.
  • Toufu - Freya uses her staff to pole vault into the air and brings the staff down on her opponent using all her weight to hit a weak point. Freya herself described this technique as " Lightning striking through the flames."
  • Yamizuki - A feint technique which leaves the opponent open for a strong blow to the stomach.

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