Team » Freshmen appears in 17 issues.

    They are college kids who were granted odd powers when the ax-cell-erator exploding giving them powers based on their actions at the given moment.

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    The team includes Wannabe, the leader of the team and a huge comic book fan. He was out getting pizzas when the ax-cell-erator exploded and was the only person NOT to get powers, and the only one that really wanted them. So, he gathered different gadgets, assembled them on his utility belt, and calls himself the scarlet knight. The rest of his teammates call him Wannabe.

    Also there is Green Thumb. He was talking to his ficus in his room at the time of the explosion and so has gained the ability to talk to and hear plants. Already a vegetarian he now only eats tofu, because eating plants is too hard when your food is crying out for its life.

    Next is Puppeteer. She was a psychology major, who has now the ability to enter peoples minds and control their thoughts and actions for a short while at a time, until their consciousness forces her out. While inhabiting another person, though, her own body is lifeless.

    Then there is the Intoxicator. This young man was getting drunk for the first time ever during the explosion and now whenever he is drunk, he can set off a belch that intoxicates everyone in its path. He was an A student, but his grades are slipping due to the fact that he is out getting wasted in the name of justice every night.

    Pusher and Puller are next on the list. These two have been dating for longer than anyone can remember. They were participating is "extra curricular activities" when the explosion happened. They both gained telekinesis, however one of them can only push, the other can only pull, and it only works when they are touching.

    Next is the Beaver. He was the college mascot, a beaver in a logo sweater. At the time of the explosion he was thinking how stupid humans are and know he is a super-intelligent talking beaver with a British accent and an obsession with building dams. He is the "Yoda" of the group.

    Paula Pophouse became Seductress. An overweight girl constantly wishing for affection she now has the power to make anyone love her. She used these powers on fellow teammate the Squirrel after he said her name should be "Beer Goggles".

    Next is the Quaker. He is an Amish who is taking courses at the college to "further himself" in the ways of todays people. He is constantly amazed with modern technology. His costume is a Q on the inside of his hat and when he goes into "super hero mode" he swivels the Q to the front inside of his hat. He believes that pride is a sin for all men, so he should not flaunt his powers. His powers are that he can create earthquakes by shaking his large belly.

    Also on the team is the Squirrel. A ladies man caught staring at a squirrel he gained the ability to speak to them and has a strong desire to hoard nuts.

    Lastly is Long-Dong. He was being teased and laughed at over the size of his member and because of this has an 8-foot indestructible member. He discovered it was indestructible after he ran it over with his car.

    These are the Freshman. Reluctant super heroes who face no real enemy other than themselves at the moment.


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