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    Rumble's homicidal and psychotic twin, Frenzy is one of Soundwave's cassettes who specializes in destruction, rage, fear, violence, and mayhem.

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    Marvel Continuity (Generation One)

    When the Autobots and Decepticons crash-landed on Earth, Frenzy was among the team of Decepticons led by Megatron, who were in pursuit of the Autobots and wound up laying dormant in the Autobot Ark for over 4 million years. Upon reawakening, the Decepticons surveyed their surrounding planet and decided to take action against Earth, and siphon it of its resources. The Decepticons quickly took over a nuclear plant and began disassembling it in order to build their Decepticon Bunker, a fortress-like base that was to be stationed in the side of an Oregon cliff-side. They then kidnapped a local mechanic (and potential friend of the Autobots) named Sparkplug Witwicky, in order to learn about Earth's fuels, and methods on how to convert it to an acceptable power source for their own Cybertronian bodies. The Autobots took it upon themselves to save the human, but the first opposition they faced was Frenzy and his brother, Rumble. In the midst of battle, Rumble fell. Enraged, Frenzy used a sonic blast to disable the Autobots, and carried his brother back to the fortress for repairs. On the way, though, they encountered Gears and Spider-Man whom were infiltrating the base. Rumble and Frenzy were then tripped up and taken out of action with Spider-Man's webbing.

    Attacking humans.
    Attacking humans.

    Several days later, Frenzy and Rumble were revived by Shockwave. Frenzy never cared that Shockwave had taken over leadership of the Decepticons during his own absence, he was only content with a leader that would allow him the pleasure of tearing apart enemies. However, Shockwave's methodical and rather slow approach was annoying and degrading in Frenzy's eyes. Frenzy had to bottle up his homicidal tendencies, and after a few days of inaction he exploded. During the Decepticon's occupation of an aerospace assembly factory, Frenzy cut loose his rage on the human slaves, after he overheard them speaking about retaliation. For Frenzy's insubordination, Shockwave was upset, and ready to enforce his leadership, but Starscream stepped in and advised that a day of mutilation and mayhem would ease the Decepticon soldiers. Before any mayhem could be had however, the Autobots attacked, and the Decepticons were forced to flee.

    After several months, Decepticon leadership changed, and split. Both Shockwave and Megatron were now battling for control over the Decepticon faction, and Frenzy had no quarrel to either, so long as there was violence to be done. On a mission with Shockwave, Frenzy noticed that he was troubled with the rumored vengeance of Megatron, but Frenzy did not care either. He was having to bottle up his tendencies again, and just needed to take out his rage on something. Buster Witwicky, a human given a transformer-sized battle-suit, was also looking to fight. Buster was in the old fortress of the Decepticons when frenzy spotted him, and the two battled. Buster was overconfident, and realized so after Frenzy was thrashing him about. Before Frenzy could get the final blows in, Buster employed an echo cell installed by Wheeljack, which reflected Frenzy's own sonic attacks back at him and disabled him.

    Later, Frenzy jumped at the chance to join Megatron on an unsanctioned mission to attack a supposedly unguarded Autobot Headquarters. They were confronted by the new guardian of the Autobot Base, Omega Supreme, Outmatched and outgunned, Frenzy was one of the many Decepticons who were left behind by Megatron. The abandoned Decepticons were then taken prisoner by the Autobots. A few days later, the Constructicons were sent under orders by Ratbat to retrieve the captured Decepticons.

    After his rescue, Frenzy fell out of the storyline, and was largely seen only in the background.

    Powers & Abilities

    Frenzy has the ability to induce an ultra-high frequency of 200 dB.

    (That's more that the theorized limit for sound in the Earth's atmosphere)

    • To Transformers: Frenzy's sonics disrupt machinery, overload audio receptors, and cause very serious damage to their bodies.
    • To Humans: The sonics have a different effect on humans altogether, inducing fear, hallucinations, and disrupting brain functions, causing them to vomit and become mildly paralyzed.
    • To Frenzy: When Frenzy uses his sonics, they immediately change his state of mind to one filled with homicidal tendencies, violence, and chaos.

    All living organisms are shown to be affected by the sonics, except Soundwave, who has an immunity to it. Even Frenzy himself can be overtaken by the effects of his own sonics.

    Frenzy also has a degree of super-strength, allowing him to lift and throw Transformers of a much larger size.

    Frenzy's forearms transform into drills that are able to tear apart Cybertronian metal, and on his back he is always armed with two detachable guns.


    • Height: Varies (Frenzy's cassette technology allows him to shrink and grow from the size of a cassette tape to his true size.)
    • Weight: 200 lbs

    Other Media

    SInce his inception, Frenzy is most noteable in the videogame, Transformers: War for Cybertron, in which he appears as a boss in the Kaon Prison facility.


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