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    A longtime friend of Marc Spector who has been with him since before the birth of Moon Knight.

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    Jean-Paul "Frenchie" DuChamp was working as a Soldier of Fortune to try and forget about a past relationship. During his time in Africa, he met, and became friends with, fellow Soldier of Fortune,Marc Spector. Frenchie worked mainly as a pilot for the missions. Soon after, he met Raoul Bushman and the three of them worked together on many missions. Frenchie helped Marc fight against Bushman, and the two escaped from Africa to begin life again in America.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Committee

     The Committee
    The Committee

    Originally it was shown that Frenchie was working for a crime syndicate known as The Committee. The Committee had wanted to get rid of a werewolf (turning out to be Jack Russell). Frenchie said he knew someone who could help, but the man had to wear a special suit and use silver weapons he designed. This was first thought to be the origin of Moon Knight.

    This was later revealed to be the false origin. Marc Spector and Frenchie were trying to infiltrate The Committee, realising the best way was for Frenchie to try and become one of their members.

    Life as Moon Knight's Pilot


    Just as he was Marc Spector's pilot during their days in Africa, Frenchie was Moon Knight's pilot in the fight against crime. Frenchie normally kept his distance during the battles, but if Marc needed the help, he would swiftly be at his side to assist.

    Frenchie was also the engineer behind the many Mooncopters the pair have used through the years.

    After a confrontation with Marc Spector's brother, Randall, Frenchie had both of his legs crushed by debris.

    Life Without Moon Knight

    After having both of his legs broken in a fight with Bushman, Marc became a recluse, and pushed away even Frenchie. Jean-Paul decided to continue with his life and embraced his long-undisclosed homosexuality, and started a relationship with a young physiotherapist named Rob Silverman.

    The two opened a restaurant named, "En Table". Jean-Paul was enjoying his new life only to have his restaurant attacked and was severely beaten by a new group trying to revive The Committee. This made Marc extremely angry and he hunted them down. Frenchie refused to be Marc's pilot again and suggested a younger friend, Ray Landers, to take the reins.

    Reuniting With Moon Knight

    When Moon Knight returns to New York to try and redeem himself, he visits Jean-Paul. Frenchie seems to be down and out and not willing to do anything any more. Jake Lockley (Marc's alter-ego) leaves because Frenchie refuses to help. Frenchie finishes with saying, "Do we dare to believe in you again?".

    Moon Knight is ready to go out to the city when chaos starts and he can't get in contact with Ray. Just as he is about to leave by himself, the roller-door opens and there is Frenchie, standing, altough with much effort with two walking sticks, and he once again becomes Moon Knight's pilot.

    Powers and Abilities

    Frenchie has no superpowers, but due to his mercenary background is a highly competent fighter, both with martial arts and firearms.He is also a skilled pilot and engineer.


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