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    Freefall is the youngest member of the superhero team known as Gen 13 and has the power to manipulate gravity. Her real name is Roxanne Spaulding, though she goes by Roxy.

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    Roxanne Spaulding
    Roxanne Spaulding

    Roxanne "Roxy" Spaulding is the daughter of Alex Fairchild (a Gen-active member of Team 7), and Gloria Spaulding. When Roxy was very young, her father was sent on a secret mission. Having no way of contacting him, Gloria raised Roxy to believe her stepfather was her biological father. While growing up, she was enrolled in an all-girl, Catholic school where she was often bullied by her classmates. She speaks with a variation of a "valley girl" accent.

    Roxy was tested by International Operations (I.O.) because her father had been exposed to the Gen-factor. Believing the children of the members of Team 7 inherited super human abilities, I.O. started Project Genesis to recruit Gen-active children. Realizing that I.O. was enslaving the subjects of Project Genesis, Roxy and her other Gen-active classmates (Fairchild, Grunge, Rainmaker, and Burnout) escaped. During their escape, Roxy's powers manifested allowing her to manipulate gravity, so she took the codename Freefall.


    Natalie Portman was the inspiration for Roxy's appearance.
    Natalie Portman was the inspiration for Roxy's appearance.

    Freefall was created in 1994 by writers Jim Lee and Brandon Choi and artist J. Scott Campbell when they created the young superhero team known as Gen 13.

    Although Jim Lee came up with the name Freefall, J. Scott Campbell was responsible for her visual design. basing Roxy's appearance on actress Natalie Portman.

    Character Evolution

    As the youngest member of the team she was given an alternative look and lifestyle, with dyed pink bangs, a fondness for smoking, and a punk-like fashion sense to reflect her rebellion from a strict Catholic upbringing. Roxy also became a bit of an otaku, with a great love for J-pop music and anime.

    Major Story Arcs

    Gen 13

    A tempestuous, free-spirited young woman, Freefall wielded the power to defy the very law of gravity.

    After the five youths escaped from Project Genesis, the team relocated to San Diego.

    Born with the grace of a ballerina and the kinetic energy of a fly-girl, Roxanne Spaulding looks upon an industrial discotheque called Soil Machine as her own private refuge. It's a place to go when she wants to escape from all the personality conflicts and academic pressures at La Jolla Beach House. A place where she can forget about responsibilities and risks of being one of the Gen 13 team. Simply enjoy the pleasures of being a free-spirited young woman. Feeling eyes upon her, Roxy puts on her own private show to the driving beat of the techno music. Her body and mind are swept away by the constant flood of music. All she wants to do is dance.

    Freefall met a small furry green alien named Queelocke, who became Roxy's pet. She discovered that her teammate Caitlin Fairchild was her half-sister and met her true father, Alex Fairchild.

    Over the next few months, Roxy had arguments with her teammates, who had always had difficulties understanding Roxy's infatuation with Grunge, her smoking habits, and her general attitude. Their concerns were proven correct when Roxy found out that Grunge had been having an affair with Swift from The Authority. Despite this all, Roxy was still in love with Grunge.

    Caught in an explosion with the rest of Gen 13 and presumed killed, she and her teammates were displaced to an alternate universe and returned to their own Earth months later.

    The New 52

    Roxy and the other members of Gen 13 are reunited.

    In Future's End, Roxy is allied with Superboy, Rose Wilson and The Guardian.

    Powers and Abilities

    Freefall has the power to manipulate gravity to various effects. By completely nullifying the gravity beneath her, she can levitate herself or others. She can also increase the gravity around a specific area, inflicting damage, or increase the gravitational pull on an enemy until movement is impossible. This ability requires concentration and is exhausting to maintain for long periods of time. It has also been suggested in dialogue that if she concentrated hard enough, she could affect gravity to the point of warping space and time.

    In battle, she combines her natural agility with her anti-gravity powers to great effect.

    She can form a gravity fist for use as an offensive weapon.

    Personal Data

    • Height: 5' 6"
    • Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg)
    • Eyes: Violet
    • Hair: Black (with dyed pink bangs)
    • As Roxy's appearance is based on Natalie Portman's, Roxy has the same measurements as Portman


    Other Media

    The animated Freefall
    The animated Freefall

    Freefall appeared as a main character in the Gen 13 animated movie (1999). She was voiced by actress Elizabeth Daily. The animated Freefall was generally very similar to the comic book version, though she was not revealed to be half-sisters with her teammate Fairchild in the film. Being the youngest member of Gen 13, Roxy's gen-active powers were the last to manifest, though they did so at a very opportune time. After the team was ejected from an exploding helicopter without parachutes, her powers over gravity finally emerged and she slowed their fall so they could land safely.


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