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    Freedon Nadd was one of the most important Sith in the Old Republic era. His actions had a huge impact on the galaxy, even long after his death.

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    Freedon Nadd was a Dark Lord of the Sith, born on the planet of Onderon 4400 BBY.

    He studied as a Jedi on the planet Ossus, with Matta Tremayne as his master.

    His lust for power eventually made him kill his master. Finding Naga Sadow's tomb, he then trained as a Sith, under the Dark Lord himself. Being taught many powers and secrets of the Dark Side, Nadd eventually killed Sadow, becoming far more powerful than him. As a spirit, centuries later, Freedon Nadd would lead an Uprising with the aid of King Ommin, Queen Amenoa and Warb Null. His efforts were, however, stopped by a young Jedi named Ulic Qel-Droma and his master and friends.

    Afterwords, Freedon Nadd would teach Exar Kun, a young Jedi turned Sith. Instructing Kun would prove to be Nadd's downfall, however. One day, Kun would recover the old amulets and gauntlets of Naga Sadow himself, using them to kill Freedon's spirit.

    Powers and abilities

    Freedon Nadd was a powerful ancient Sith Lord, being noted as surpassing even the respectable Naga Sadow. His skills with the lightsaber were excellent; he's held his own against the master duelist Matta Tremayne, defeated Naga Sadow's amped Massassi guards, and was noted by Darth Traya as a master duelist. He also remained an accurate marksman, killing more Jedi with his blaster than his lightsaber.

    Nadd causing a rock slide to crush Exar Kun
    Nadd causing a rock slide to crush Exar Kun

    Nadd's true power was in the Force, however. He could collapse entire caves easily with telekinesis, and could telepathically contact people from across the Galaxy. He could even plant in emotions in targets. After his first death, the area around Nadd had become a Dark Side Nexus - powerful in the Dark Side of the Force and leaving a presence of Nadd's dark aura.

    Known masters

    Known apprentices


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