Freedom Fighters

    Team » Freedom Fighters appears in 306 issues.

    The Freedom Fighters is a team that was made to fight Dr. Robotnik.

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    The Freedom fighter spent there early years fighting for there own freedom from Dr. Robotnik. In fear of being Robotisized they fled into the Forest and formed hide outs there constantly going in to strike. They mostly lived in the village of knot hole. Sally was the leader of this team however Sonic was the driving force.

    After Sally Acorn being Roboticized, Antoine being in coma and Bunnie leaving the team, they disbanded. There are two teams replacing them due to the Freedom Fighters cannot be formed without Sally acorn. The two teams are called Team Freedom and Team Fighters.


    They are based on cartoon Adventures of Sonic Hedgehog created by John Lenson



    The original group consisted of MP. Bull Bones, Spot Long, Private Trey Scales, Sir Peckers, and leaded by Col. Tig Stripe. They were made after they rescued as many citizens they could when Robotnik took over of Mobius. Sally and Sonic secretly became unofficial members when the team was created but did not join in any mission at that time. The original was captured and roboticized when Trey Scales betrayed them.


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