spankymac314's Free Comic Book Day 2011 (Spider-Man) #1 - The Way of the Spider review

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For a free book, it was great.

Obviously, this was a Free Comic Book Day issue, and for what it is(basically an extended preview of Spidey's next big story), it was great. First of all, it's a Mandrill story, and that is AWESOME! I don't know if I've brought it up here before, but I LOVE Mandrill. He's such a ridiculous character, because his powers and appearance do not reconcile themselves to me at all, and yet he still manages to be entertaining. His part in this story, manipulating Spider-Woman to fight Spidey, is very entertaining. The rest of the story, Shang-Chi training Spidey for the hard times ahead, is also pretty good. The art was great all around, and the writing of all the characters is spot-on. I'm actually pretty interested in checking out this new story now, and it's entirely because of this comic. But seriously, Marvel, more Mandrill equals more interest from me. He's such a bizarre, nonsensical character, that he's always a pleasure to read.

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