Frederick Slade

    Character » Frederick Slade appears in 12 issues.

    Frederick Slade is the current leader of Clan Akkaba. He rose to power in the victorian age after being one of only two survivors of the clan after the attack from Dracula.

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    Frederick Slade was the second son of Margaret Slade a member of the inner circle of Clan Akkaba. He was favored by Ozymandias and began to train under him. His brother, Hamilton Slade felt his position threatened so he crippled Frederick while he slept. Putting him into a vegetative state.

    After a conflict with Dracula left the Clan Akkaba nearly destroyed, Ozymandias decided to revitalize the Clan himself. He hired a prostitute called Miss Ferguson to have intimate relations with the catatonic Fredrick Slade, one of the only surviving members of Clan Akkaba. Fredrick possessed a form of teleportation which he passed on to his great-great granddaughter, Clarice Ferguson.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    The Fall of Clan Akkaba

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    Hamilton took control of Clan Akkaba but was later turned into a vampire by Dracula. Dracula had been turning the members of Clan Akkaba as an act of revenge towards Apocalypse. The Clan rose Apocalypse to fight Dracula. Apocalypse thought Frederick a waste of time but he quickly proved himself. It was Frederick teleportation abilities that allowed Acocalypse to defeat Dracula. Frederick teleported Apocalypse, Ozymandias, Jack Starsmore and Abraham Van Helsing to Dracula's castle and together they slaughtered the turned members of Clan

    Akkaba. Frederick even managed to kill his brother by teleporting his head off.

    Finally the Fittest

    Frederick was next seen after M-day where most of the worlds mutant population were stripped of their power. Apparently he had been keeping tabs on the bloodline of Jack Starsmore which gave birth to Jonothan Starsmore aka Chamber Realizing that the last of the Starsmore line was at deaths door he took to visiting the lad who was under the watchful eye of Peter Wisdom Frederick, now an old man, realized the interference that would occur if Chamber was left in the hospital and therefore captured the boy and with Ozymandias’s help infused young Starsmore with a massive amount of Apocalypse’s blood.

    He watched as the blood of Apocalypse rejuvenated the boy as his once decimated body contorted and remade itself in the image of Apocalypse. When Chamber had made a full recovery he introduced the boy to the new Clan Akkaba but Chamber refused to acknowledge them as his family and renounced Frederick, the clan and Apocalypse. Apocalypse willingly relinquished claims on Chamber and had him leave the new clan headquarters, no doubt they would keep an eye on the heir of Apocalypse. Apocalypse was not as he seemed however he was Ozymandias in disguise; it seemed that Frederick and his teacher had formulated a plan to take over Clan Akkaba for themselves. Frederick is last seen sharing a drink of Apocalypse’s blood with Ozymandias, having finally risen to the place of the "Fittest".

    Powers and Abilities

    He is a descendant of Apocalypse and as such possess the powers normally ascribed to them. He has "limited molecular rearrangement" capabilities that manifest as a form of shape shifting. His power also grants him an extensive healing factor and longevity. He uses this to transform his hands into various objects but mostly bladed weapons. He also possesses the power of teleportation, possibly as a mutant ability. Frederick can teleport himself and others at will, additionally he can teleport large masses, including sizable groups of people, he can also teleport 'parts' of objects. He can also open portals that displace projectiles and even enemies that threaten him.


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