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Frederick Dirkreich was chief of Dirkreich Pharmaceuticals, he got rich with that company. Now being rich he only missed one thing; to be powerful in body as well. He experimented on himself to gain super human abilities, but failed; his cells started to decay in a steady rate and he was soon to die. He experimented on numerous people to improve his conditions but all of them were failures. Then he heard of a human woman who was turned into superhuman, she was known as Tigra. It helped that Tigra's father Gregson Grant worked for Dirkreich as well. Dirkreich devised a plan; at first he infected Gregson and several other people with the same decease he had and waited until Tigra would come to him. And that day came soon, he even made it seem that he truly wants to kill Tigra's father, to distract her from realizing the true plan. When Tigra entered his company, Dirkreich sprung the trap; he sent Torg to capture Tigra, he succeeded in capturing her. Dirkreich then gloated on how he lured Tigra there to her, and that she has to let him extract samples from her if she ever wanted to see her father again. It took days and Dirkreich men were positive that they managed to make a cure for him. And just when Dirkreich was about to be injected with the only sample with the cure Tigra broke free of her bonds and stole the cure leaving Dirkreich to die.

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