Freddie Stanachek

    Character » Freddie Stanachek appears in 28 issues.

    Freddie Stanachek was a friend of Dazzler and later acquired the rights to her film.

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    Freddie Stanachek was originally a shy young man who joined the prestigious Los Angeles Health and Racquet Club    in hopes of making new friends. He only managed to befriend Dazzler, one of the fitness instructors there, mostly because she found nicer than most guys there. She gave him some advice concerning self-respect and they shared a brief kiss before parting ways.  Due to several major changes in her life, they would not meet again for the equivalent of years. 
    By his next appearance, Freddie had acquired part of the material remains of Eric Beale's defunct studio. He acquired by accident the only surviving copy of "Dazzler: The Movie"/ Acquiring the rights, he proceeded to restore it and located Dazzler to help complete it. By the she had lost her memories of her past life and was a rather different person. But the brief meeting helped Dazzler get in touch with her past somewhat. 
    Stanachek grew rich out of his investment, with the film topping the charts. He got major production deals and started buying himself expensive cars and clothing. He hoped to keep working with his star Dazzler. Instead she vanished yet again. He kept seeking her in Lila Cheney's house, her last known location. This irritated the houseguard Strong Guy. Who didn't particularly enjoyed listening to Freddie claiming that Dazzler "owes" him for her success. Guido threw him out. Pointing that Freddie used to be a nice kid but had become not that different from Eric beale. Treating Dazzler as his personal "Trophy-Babe".


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