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    Genis-Vell evil twin clone from a future alternate reality.

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    Fredd’s life is the same that the one of 616 Genis-Vell with expectation that he masters the Nega-Bands earlier and he stopped appreciating life as a hero and embraces the idea of total conquest in order to prevent others from committing crimes.


    Fredd was created by Peter David and ChrisCross and first appeared in Captain Marvel Vol.3 issue 15 (2001).

    Major Story Arcs

    A new Way

    However in order to achieve that that he needed mastery over all his powers and so he pushed himself to master his cosmic awareness, ignoring the needs of others. At his pinnacle Genis changes his name to Fredd to sympathize with humanity whom he sought to conquer in order to end the human/mutant war, end poverty and hunger. However the humans didn’t react too well and attacked him, he easily turned their weapons into harmless artifacts. That was the moment the Avengers arrived to battle him, however they proved to be nothing to Fredd’s might and he soon grew bored of them. He made an example of several of them. It was during that confrontation that his universe's version of Mr. Fantastic banished him to the microverse.


    Fredd posses enhanced strength as the son of a Kree and Eternal, he increase this strength to an unlimited potential using the Nega-Bands. Do to his hybrid body he heals faster than humans.


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