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    Fred Perry is the creator, writer, and artist of Antarctic Press' Gold Digger.

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    Getting Started

    Fred Perry was born in Virginia, spent his childhood in Atlanta, though spent his school years within Virginia with his family.

    Fred Perry @ Work
    Fred Perry @ Work

    As a child as young as four years old Fred started to draw. He learned anatomy and the dynamics of comics through reading other series. In his youth he was a huge fan of series like Avengers and X-Men.

    Fred Perry starting in comics the way a lot of your normal artist does. He started by submitting works to multiple companies. The two that responded favorably were Eternity and Antarctic Press. He was first published in Antarctic Press' series Ninja High School Yearbook #1.

    He had submitted a total of fifteen stories and eventually gained steady work with Eternity inking Robotech and pencil work for Tom Corbett:Space Cadet.

    He attended training in the Marine Corps and attended Virginia Tech for computer sciences. In his second year he transferred to Norfolk State and soon began doing stead work in comics for the comic book series Robotech and Cyber Knights.

    Off to War

    As a member of the Marines Fred was sent to Iraq during the first Gulf War. His unit was tasked with clearing Iraqi mind fields in advance of the rest of the Allied Forces. A seriously dangerous mission. He has even told of a story about an Iraqi missile bouncing off his vehicle without exploding.

    It was in Saudi Arabia where Fred learned that by drawing scantily glad girls for his fellow soldiers that he could make some profits. Not in cash money, but through snack foods and toiletries.

    Once his tour was up Fred returned to the States. It seemed that he was sent off the war zone just before he would of been able to qualify for Veterans' Affairs Benefits. Despite the dangerous duty he faced.

    Birth of the Gold Digger

    Gold Digger: Mini Series#1
    Gold Digger: Mini Series#1

    Back home in Virginia, and learning from his experience in the war of drawings sexy girls. He sought out to use this in making his own story. Watching a Snickers candy bar commercial he saw an Indiana Jones type character. It was then that he had the idea to make a female version of Indiana Jones. This is the character that became Gina Diggers.

    Originally designed to be a loner, but during his own obsession with the Street Fighter game series he came up with the idea for a side kick. A woman who could be animaistic, such as Blanka, but not so mindless. The first idea was rather ugly and wouldn't work in a series that he wanted to be sexy and racy. Using the name Cheetah he started to develop the character around those traits. The character was rewritten and designed to be Gina's adopted younger sister.

    Antarctic Press loved the idea and began publishing the series in 1991 as a short series as a test under the name Gold Digger. This eventually led to a regular running series in black and white for the first volume of Gold Digger, where we would be introduced to the characters of Genn, Gina's mother, Julia; and the merged clone that would become the new addition to the Diggers family,Brianna Diggers. After the fifty issue run in the first Volumes that was solely in black and white. The second volume of Gold Digger would be done in full color.

    Gina Diggers GD#101 cover
    Gina Diggers GD#101 cover

    Pop Culture Shock

    Much in the tradition of Japanese manga. Fred Perry is the sole artist on his own series and the writer. The Gold Digger series has been filled through out the years with many wild and imaginative character designs. Not depending on super powered heroes, but evolving a story through technology, magic, and family bonds. The series has also been filled with pop culture references from movies, TV, and comics. Sometimes these references are in dialog, hidden as Easter eggs in the art work, or they are blatantly obvious.

    The character Gina Diggers tends to shout out, "Jinkies", when she is shocked or surprised. This was inspiration from the cartoon series Scooby Doo. Birtanny (Cheetah) Diggers has a tendency to refer to Genn as " Little Buddy" while they are on fishing trips. In the second issue of the first Volume of Gold Digger. Gina pulls out of some rubble the Sword of Thundara, from the Thndercats series. Fred is also a lover of the Lord of the Rings series. Which often shows in his writing and the Jade Realm he created for his comic series.

    For a time Fred was living in Northern New York, but is currently living in San Antonio, Texas.


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