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    Séries principalesdeàRôle
    Homme de l'année (L')2013
    Jour J20102013
    Malédiction du pétrole (La)2020
    Mauvais Aliens2007
    Ran Corvo1990
    Spirou et Fantasio2014
    Star Wars - Le cycle de Thrawn (Dark Horse)19951996
    Tao Bang1999
    Travis Karmatronics2005
    USA über alles2015

    Fred Blanchard was born on September 26, 1966 in Agen. In 1988, after training for 4 years at the ESAG (Higher School of Graphic Arts in Penninghen), he began to work regularly as a freelance illustrator for magazines. His first album for Éditions Zenda, Ran Corvo, with a script by Doug Headline and his participation in the Japanese magazine Morning, shortly preceded his meeting with Olivier Vatine in 1990, with whom he would work on volume 4 of the Aquablue series. It was therefore the beginning of a long and fruitful collaboration. In 1995, they first created the "Série B" label for Éditions Delcourt, which revived genre comics by launching, with young authors, series such as Carmen Mc Callum, Golden City, Travis, Nash and even Arcana. In 1995, they drew Star Wars together in comics for the American publisher Dark Horse, which has since been translated by Delcourt, and also devoted themselves to creating designs for Snark, a feature film project by Marc Caro. Still in the field of cinema, Fred Blanchard joined Story in 1991 as a cartoon decorator. He then joined director Pascal Morelli in Gangster, for whom he supervised the set department on various series including Arsène Lupin and Calamity Jane. This collaboration continues on the cartoon adaptation of Corto Maltese, the work of Hugo Pratt, for Ellipse Animation. Fred Blanchard designed almost all of the sets for The Secret Court of the Arcane and supervised the sets for the television series. Having continued, in parallel, to work as an illustrator for various magazines and organizations, he also continues to enrich the "Série B" label with his art-of, Surplus Universalis, released at the end of 2007. Still with Delcourt, he recently designed the storyboard for Marc Caro's first solo film, Dante 01, with Gess. At the end of 2007, he took over as solo director of the "Série B" label after the departure of Olivier Vatine. His influences range from American designers like Geof Darrow or Mignola, to Japanese like Miyazaki and Shirow, passing through Europeans like Mœbius or Franquin and make Fred Blanchard one of the most creative and essential designers of today. Text © Delcourt


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