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    One of the few Genoshan Genocide survivors and one of the many mutants to lose his abilities as a result of the Scarlet Witch's decimation.

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    Kevin Ellsworth is one of the survivors of the Sentinels attack on Genosha. During those months, Kevin teamed up with a band of other survivors, mostly with a girl calling herself Wicked. She too was a mutant who survived the massacre. Not much is known about the time Kevin spent in the ruins of Genosha, but after some months, Kevin and his team ran into Professor Xavier and Magneto on the island, whom resided there after Magneto was framed for a rampage in New York by the mutant known as Xorn.


    Freakshow was created by Chris Claremont and Aaron Lopresti and first appeared in Excalibur Vol.2 issue 1 (2004).

    Mayor Story Arcs


    Kevin's clothes disappear after a transformation
    Kevin's clothes disappear after a transformation

    At first, Kevin and his teammates are hostile towards the two. Kevin even demonstrates his mutant powers, turning into a huge dragon-like creature to face of against the newcomers.

    The only problem Kevin had, when changing back into his human form, was that he was completely nude, which caused an awkward situation. After this, Kevin and his other teammates found out that Xavier and Magneto where not the enemy, but there to help them. They soon became friends and even started to become a team. He aided in rebuilding some parts of Genosha by swallowing the debris of shattered buildings after changing into a worm-like monster.

    However, all did not stay as peaceful as it once was. Magneto returned to the US in order to get his daughter, the Scarlet Witch (who just had a nervous breakdown) back to him and bring her to Genosha. This worked out, but Scarlet Witch then morphed all of reality, and while changing things back, she caused 99 procent of the mutant population to lose their powers. Kevin was one of the victims of this incident, later called M-Day. Both Magneto and Xavier left Genosha after that and nothing was heard from Kevin in quite some time.

    Son of M

    Later, Kevin is seen being repowered by Quicksilver thanks to the Terrigen Mists, but this has a bad result, trapping Kevin in the form of a monster, incapable of communication. He would later turn back into his regular form as the mists wore off, losing his powers once again. What has become of Kevin remains to be seen.



    Freakshow is an animal shifter who was originally only able to transform into mythical monsters like swamp blobs, medieval trolls and dragons. However after his exposure and removal of the terrine mist, his abilities were greatly extended.


    Freakshow originally destroyed his clothing whenever he transformed. However after he was given a tight, purple and black suit made of maniates that would disappear and reappear as his transformations do.


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