Team » FreakAngels appears in 5 issues.

    Living in Whitechapel, the FreakAngels all have purple eyes, some even have purple hair, but they each have powerful telepathy so strong it can control anyone they want.

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    The plot is the world ended 6 years ago.Something that the twelve FreakAngels caused with their immense powers. While they were being hunted by the British government, after their parents had sold them out. The FreakAngels live in a part of London that isn't flooded called Whitechapel. They have created a inclosed micro society surrounded by water, to protect the several hundred people that are living there from threats. The threat being the collapse of civilization & economy, Some thing that The FreakAngels feel a lot of guilt over being responsible for.

    They were all born 23 years ago at exactly the same moment in time. Sharing the small geographical location of birth. A small Village in England.

    They all have extreme telepathic abilities as well as other assorted abilities like teleportationl Clairvoyance & matter manipulation. The Freakangels set up a group of rules to follow and they police each other to make sure they don't cross the line with their powers. Although still retaining their humanity, individual FreakAngels have broken these rules to the detriment of others.

    They keep watch over Whitechapel, where they live, and the population of the area. They believe it's their responsibility to make amends for using their combined power to punch a massive hole in their country witch flooded a large part of Britain .

    Individual FreakAngels have access to steam based technology that they use to power such things as basic helicopters, water purification & so on. While other focus on gardening, security,scavenging supplies, social experiments, & philosophy.

    Mark Fox, one of their members, has gone rogue. He's putting telepathic suggestions inside people he's met and sending them to kill the rest of the FreakAngels. They're still trying to decide how to deal with the threat he poses. all the while another of the FreakAngels finally breaks the rules throwing their situation into chaos.


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