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Franky had a rough childhood, consistently becoming the target of local bullies due to the way his mother dressed him. Once he met The Goon his life changed for the better, Goon helped defend him against his tormentors while allowing him to discover his own talents in combat that would eventually lead to Franky defending himself. Becoming a new man, Franky would go on to aid The Goon in defending Lonely Street against the Zombie Priest.


Franky was created by Eric Powell for 'The Goon' comic series.

Character Evolution

Throughout his history Franky has maintained a consistent appearance and behavior. There is one case of his costume drastically changing though it was due to a satirical commentary on the superhero genre by creator Eric Powell.

Major Story Arcs

The Goon Volume One

With a wide variety of supernatural beings attacking Lonely Street, Franky and The Goon take to the streets. Armed with their fists, knives, and a talking chainsaw, the duo take down their undead foes and malicious mobsters. When Goon gets captured, Franky forms a rescue party to save his friend.

The Goon Volume Two

The Zombie Priest and his army are at it again, forcing Franky and The Goon to continue their jobs as the defenders of Lonely Street. Aside from the traditional zombies, the duo also has to face a Bog Lurk with the memories of a dead G-Man, they meet a new friend known as the Buzzard, are attacked by some of Santa's elves, and Franky gets put under a magical spell after being seduced by Drakston Entity and his two harpy assistants!

The Goon Color Special

Franky and The Goon are able to track down their old pal, Brick Head Johnny, and interrogate him to the point of death. Using the information they obtained from their former friend, the duo head to the Decaster House in search of some rumored treasure. Though they must combat the spirits of the Decaster Family, the treasure is located and Franky spends the prize on useless junk!

Drawing on your Nightmares

Playing more of a minor role, Franky is just seen in the background of Norton's Bar.

The Goon Volume Three

Franky and The Goon combat even more of the undead after the return of the Zombie Priest. Their pal, the Buzzard, continues to aid the heroes on their quest as they learn more about the Zombie Priests dark past and his plans for the future. However; things start going south once someone who was once loyal to the Goon begins feeding information to the Zombie Priest, resulting in the deaths of several of Goon's pals. Franky also has to help the Goon through his greatest challenge yet when his former lover, Isabella, returns to Lonely Street.

The Goon: Chinatown and the Mystery of Mister Wicker

A look into the past shows a troubled relationship between Franky and The Goon due to the Goon's lover, Isabella. As a new foe known only as Mr. Wicker enters the scene, Franky does his best to hold onto the territory that he and the Goon still run; however, it becomes increasingly difficult when the Goon tells Franky he's going to quit the business and run away. While the Goon does stay, it comes at quite the cost, as Franky comes into conflict with Isabella.

The Goon: Occasion of Revenge

The other members of the Zombie Priests species arrive on Lonely Street resulting in an all out war. In the midst of conflict, the Goon finds a new lover who Franky approves of. However; tensions run high when this new lover is revealed to be one of the shape shifting harpy sisters, causing the Goon to enter an emotional state, leaving Franky to try and help him through it all.

The Goon: Once Upon a Hard Time

In the fallout created due to Goon's past relationship, Franky and the group struggle to fend off their new foes led by The Arab. Franky begins to worry about his friend as he spirals further down into depression, seemingly attempting to drink his problems away before he comes to his senses and jumps back into the fight. With the Goon back in action, Franky and the gang are able to defeat the Arab and his allies, allowing Lonely Street to take a break from the chaos for a period of time.

Skills & Abilities

Franky was originally afraid of conflict; however, after killing his first zombie at a young age he found himself in love with violence, bloodshed, and all things aggressive. Despite his small stature he boasts a high level of strength, agility, and speed, utilizing a scrappy fighting style against his foes.


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