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Frankie is a series of clones created by the extraterrestrial Bob to preform many different functions such as black ops, lab assistant, secretary and more. Every individual clone was partnered with a clone from the Vic series and each clone thought that it was the only one and that it was unique. When an individual would come across the body of its predecessor, it would cause the individual to become angry and disillusioned with Bob, whom was held in high regard.

Each member of the combat series was designed to capture the Symbiote Clone and become its host. Vic seemed to be more passionate than Frankie and was more willing to be the host for the Symbiote Clone. All of the combat members were bald due to the control collar and wore blonde wig that was about shoulder length or so

Numerical Breakdown

(These are numbered in the order introduced, not chronological)

Frankie 1

The first Frankie seen was a combat variant that was tracking the Symbiote through northern Canada and caught up to it and the Suit in Voici. The night before they encounter them, they meet and a have a brief conversation with Wolverine in the town bar. In the morning the Symbiote Clone starts attacking the citizens in a local diner, Frankie gets ready to shoot the cook fleeing the out of the back of the diner but is stopped by Wolverine. Wolverine pins her and is trying to get a handle on the situation but is attacked by the Symbiote Clone, as they fight Frankie tells Vic that her collar is broken and can’t follow proper protocol and falls back. As Frankie retreats through the woods, she is spotted by Patricia Robertson who commands her to lie down but Frankie shoots at her. Patricia tries to ambush Frankie but Frankie sneaks up behind her and puts a gun up to Patricia’s head and is surprised she is alive. Frankie is distracted by an explosion from the Wolverine-Symbiote Clone-Suit-Vic fight and Patricia attacks her and knocks off her wig, exposing her control collar and picks up her gun but it is empty and tries to out run Frankie. Frankie catches her and ties her up and then uses their ship to rescue Vic from the Suit. In the ship, Frankie tells Vic that Plan B was authorized and they drop an atomic bomb on the town. The pair dons radiation/combat suits and search for the Symbiote Clone, they find its energy signature in a house but get ambushed because it took over a swarm of cockroaches, it surprises Frankie and kills her. Frankie 1 is partnered with Vic 1

Frankie 2

Shortly after the first team is killed, a second team shows up and they also search for the Symbiote Clone. They attack from the air but their ship is brought down by the Symbiote Clone and Frankie thinks that it looks beautiful. They exit their ship and go searching but Frankie gets separated right away and is quickly stabbed and killed by the Symbiote Clone who is using Wolverine as a host. Frankie 2 is partnered with Vic 2.

Frankie 3

Frankie 3 was stationed in New York City and monitored electronic communication made by Patricia Robertson and reports directly to Bob. Frankie 3 is partnered with Vic 3

Frankie 4

Two years before the Arctic incident with the Symbiote Clone, Frankie followed Vic on a raid on a civilian’s apartment in New York City to acquire Venom’s severed tongue to create the Symbiote Clone. Vic and Frankie then drop the tongue drop the tongue off at an airport where it is dealt with by Vic 5 and Frankie 5. Frankie 4 is partnered with Vic 4.

Frankie 5

After Vic 4 drops off the tongue to the airport, Frankie 5 and Vic 5 pick it up and load it onto a plane while wearing radiation suits so the two series of clones do not become aware of other members of the same series. They then fly the sample to New Mexico for it to be cloned. Frankie 5 is partnered with Vic 5.

Frankie 6

Frankie 6 was a research assistant in Mesa Verde, New Mexico that helped create the Symbiote Clone. She studied the Clone extensively and figured that the Symbiote Clone only reacted to potential hosts when it was hungry at which time it would simply eat them. When Bob told Frankie to move to the next phase after only one test with two subjects, she objected but was convinced by Vic that it was alright because Bob was smarter that both of them. Afterwards Frankie compiled all of the data on the Symbiote Clone before giving it to Bob and receiving orders to destroy all data pertaining to the Symbiote Clone. She was left at Mesa Verde when the Clone was sent to the Arctic research base. This Frankie had longer hair than the others. Frankie 6 was partnered with Vic 7.

Frankie 7

Frankie 7 was a combat variant that encountered Vic 2 in New York City after the latter went rogue. Frankie 7 killed Vic 2 but not before Vic 2 told her that they were nothing more than completely expendable clones in Bob’s eyes. This caused Frankie 7 to go rogue also, she told her partner, Vic 8, about this before killing her. She then made it her mission to kill the Symbiote Clone. She tracked it to the sewers where she found the Suit and Patricia Robertson, who was slowly losing control of the Symbiote Clone because her control collar was deactivated. Frankie tells them that she will reactivate the control collar if they help her take down Bob. The Suit and Frankie have a brief conversation about how to deal with Bob before agreeing to take away as many of Bob’s advantages as possible and splitting up; her fate is unknown as she was not present for the final fight. Frankie 7 was partnered with Vic 8

Frankie 8

Frankie 8 helps Bob set a trap for Mr. Fantastic and the Human Torch as they believe that they are transporting the Symbiote Clone. Frankie 8 is partnered with Vic 9.


The Frankie series had no powers but the combat variants were well and extensively trained in ranged and hand to hand combat. The lab assistant variant was very smart.


The combat variants had several types of weapons at their disposal including an assault rifle and a pistol. They also had a radiation proof combat suit that Frankie 1 and 2 wore after the bombing in Canada in an attempt to find the Symbiote Clone.

The most important piece of equipment was the control collar that all of the combat variants wore. It allowed them to be a host for the Symbiote Clone but not have their mind dominated so they could control it. It also prevented them from being consumed by it.

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