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Major differences between the 1818 book and the film include the depictions of both major characters. The novel features Victor Frankenstein, a Swiss medical student from Geneva. He becomes obsessed with creating new life from dead parts and secretly studies alchemy. But once his creation comes to life, Victor abandons it in horror. The creature is intelligent and learns to speak, read and write by observing children being taught to do so. He then seeks vengeance against his creator for the maltreatment and neglect   with which he was treated since birth. 
In the film Henry Frankenstein is a member of the nobility and a doctor. He is depicted as a stereotyped "mad scientist". His creature is brutal because the brain placed in him was defective. No association between parental neglect or mistreatment and violent retaliation is made. The creature is not intelligent and appears mute except for grunts and growls.

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