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Major Story Arcs

Frank is a member of C.O.W.L., the superhero union in 1960s Chicago. He is buddies with Don another hero. They often engage in semi-joking, semi-serious teasing with Eclipse. They both often show up making random comments about the current state of the union.

Don first appears at C.O.W.L.'s strike outside City Hall. They are trying to renew their contract with the city, but the mayor thinks the union isn't needed any more, after they recently defeated the last member of the main group of supervillains. Frank is frustrated that the police are supporting their strike.

He and Don tease Eclipse about hanging out with the beautiful Radia. Then, as tensions on the picket line rise, Don uses his power to trip up a city official. The police overreact and hit Don, and a small riot starts, culminating in Frank secretly using his powers to fireblast City Hall, endangering innocent lives. The fireblast incident becomes infamous and makes it harder for the union to argue that it's there to protect the city, and C.O.W.L. tries to find out who did it.

When John Pierce, a C.O.W.L. member, is killed under suspicious circumstances, seemingly breaking the strike, Frank and Don are there, commenting that he was a scab.

Don and Frank later see Eclipse in the union locker room some days later. Frank and Don didn't go to Pierce's funereal because of his supposed scab status, and they argue about it with Eclipse, who did go to the funereal. They are both also heard making sexist comments about Radia, who tends to not get the same respect as the male members of C.O.W.L.

Frank and Don later hang out watching Grant Marlow, who is recovering from a hospitalization, practice on the target range. After Don sarcastically comments on Grant's shooting, Eclipse calls him out for being a jerk, although Don says he's just fooling around. Then Blaze, second in command of C.O.W.L., comes by, asking another guy, Phil, about the fireblasting at the City Hall. They're still trying to find out who did it. Eclipse says that whoever did it, they should keep their mouth shut. Don agrees, and then Eclipse pointedly asks Frank if he understands. Frank says he does.

Later Blaze seems to find out that Frank is the culprit, but doesn't have enough proof. He asks Eclipse to sign a document swearing that he saw Frank do it, even though he didn't. Eclipse refuses.

Don, Frank, Eclipse, Grant, and others celebrate later, when the union is finally able to renew its contract with the city, only to find out that Grant has been fired for complications during an earlier altercation with a villain. It's revenge for Eclipse refusing to sign off on Blaze's statement about Frank.

Frank is later arrested for the City Hall incident, although he swears they don't have any proof, and it is unclear what happens to him.

Powers & Abilities

We never see Frank directly use his power, but based on the incident at City Hall, he is capable of projecting fire blasts.


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