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"Filthy Frankie" Zapruder was a mob boss who ran nearly 90 percent of the soaring crime in New York’s 11th Precinct, better known as Mutant Town or District X, with the rivaling Daniel "Shaky" Kaufman. Between him and dirty money, Frankie also kept some legitimate businesses, such as video rental, car dealerships, banks, and the club called Frankie’s.


Filthy Franky was created by David Hine and Adi Granov.

Major Story Arcs

District X

When the X-Men member Bishop was asked to deal with the gang-related crime in District X, he naturally ended up having to deal with Filthy Frankie and his crew. With the assistance of Frankie’s Bosnian henchman Dzemal, whom Frankie had ordered to be killed, Bishop managed to beat back Frankie and his other henchman, and was able to "persuade" him not to go after Dzemal any more.

Mister M

When Frankie began using a young mutant known as Toad Boy to produce a popular new drug called Toad Juice, his rival, Shaky Kaufman, forced Frankie's dealer, Jazz, to tell help him locate and kidnap Toad Boy so that he could corner the market.

With years of bad blood already between them, the battle for Toad Boy quickly ignited a turf war between Frankie and Kaufman. Frankie attacked Kaufman’s club, Daniel's Inferno, causing Kaufman to retaliate with a hostile takeover of Frankie’s club. In the ensuing battle, Frankie killed Kaufman’s aide, Mr. Punch, with a bazooka. Both Frankie and Kaufman were arrested shortly after this battle, with Frankie and his crew presumably getting twenty-five to life in jail.

It is unknown if Frankie retained his powers after M-Day.

Powers and Abilities

Frankie’s mutant power is emotionally-triggered olfactory production, meaning that he gives off a different odor depending on his feelings. He will for instance smell good when he is happy and will smell bad when he is angry or nervous.

Frankie is unable to control this power, making it quite inconvenient and irritating when he is angry or afraid.


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