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My review will be for both the book the Hard Goodbye and the DVD special addition.



  • Captivating noir tale of betrayal.
  • Great black and white art which really create impact.  The play of light at shadows become very sharp and focused images. So example a woman's silhouette is till a woman's silhouette naked or not.  Without the details of color the beauty is still there and in some ways the black and white is more beautiful since its the shape that we are admiring not the lust of the details.
  • Would establish the world of Sin City.

 an example of the use of Black and white
 an example of the use of Black and white


  • Its a quick read since the marriage of pictures to works at times leans more to picture.  But this is not a bad con.  I listed it here 


This is a great crime book.  Very fun.

[the DVD]

Because of the nature of the books the Sin City movie flowed best if it contained multiple books since each book seems to overlap to create a more complex work.  In the movie the main books of reference were The Hard Goodbye, The big fat kill and That Yellow bastard.  The movie did run more smoothly because of it.
In this special edition DVD there would be two discs to explore the world of Sin City.  There is a director's Cut and a lot of behind the scenes.
Visually the movie was exactly how a Sin City movie should be.  Black and white with rare colors added in to give a "POP" to the picture, in this case it is "That Yellow Bastard".  

 an example of the movie adapted from The Hard Goodbye
 an example of the movie adapted from The Hard Goodbye

Overall if you are interested in Sin City this DVD special edition would be a great place to start.  Sin City is a highly celebrated and beloved graphic novel series by many.  If you haven't been to Sin City say hello to this DVD set.
- Silkcuts

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