Frank Laminski

    Character » Frank Laminski appears in 16 issues.

    Test Pilot yearning for the Green Lantern power ring to choose him at all costs. Soon to be the Phantom Lantern and original one off character in GL's 1'st appearance who originated Tom Kalmaku's Pieface nickname.

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    Frank Laminski first appeared in Showcase #22: S.O.S. Green Lantern, but was actually given an origin/created by Sam Humphries and Ed Benes in Green Lanterns 9.


    Frank makes his debut in issue 9 of Green Lanterns. We're introduced to Frank as an admirer of the Green Lanterns, Hal Jordan to be specifically. The cause of this is that Frank was an Air Force pilot and he nearly crashed, but Hal Jordan saved him right on time. Frank does everything he can to show the ring that he is worth being a Green Lantern and thus he challenges thugs. Even though he get beaten to a pulp, he couldn't care less since he knows he has the willpower and thus deserves the ring. He almost got the ring, but the ring made an error and changed its path. At the end of the issue we see him being approached by Volthoom whom tells him about the phantom ring. Frank got quite interested and told him he'd help him to get it back from Guardian Rami.

    Once Frank found the ring found the ring he doesn't hesitate and puts it on despite the fact that Rami told him not to. The new oath goes as follows: ''In desperate day, in hopeless night....the phantom ring is our last light.... we yearn for power, strength and might... I seize the ring, that is my right! I am... the Phantom Lantern!''

    At first we see him in a green costume which he endeavored really hard for., but when he got hit he instantly changed to a ''yellow lantern''.

    Subsequently, he wants to act as a hero and saves a boy and his dog from a tornado. Jessica and Simon arrive and tells the reporter to back off. Reporter doubts whether he is a real Lantern leading to Frank being pissed off and changing into a ''avarice'' lantern. This shows us clearly that Frank isn't able to control the ring.

    When Simon tries to get rid off the ring by building a construct with his ring, Frank reacts suddenly furiously and changes into a ''yellow'' lantern. As time passes, Frank is having a hard time coping with the ring with all the sudden changes. In the end, when Frank is ''compassion'' Lantern he feels that he doesn't need the ring and takes off the ring. Simon takes advantage of the situation and punch him in the face and thus Frank is not a threat anymore.


    In Desperate Day, In Hopeless Night,

    The Phantom Ring is our last light.

    We yearn for power, strength and might

    I seize the ring, that is my right!


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